Bag snatching and police....welcome to BA!

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Had an eventful start getting duped by the oldest trick in the book......

So having arrived in the early hours of the morning we found a bed for the night that was in a far too expensive and noisy hostel. Packed up this morning and headed out laden down with bags in search of a better place.

About 5 mins into the walk a woman passed us (me and ellisia) then turned round and said I had something on my pants, sure enough there was what looked like bird poo or paint, she gave me a tissue and I started to wipe it off. Keeping hold of all bags. She then also said it was on ellisa too, at which point I foolishly put down my bag....and guess what someone came by and ran off with it. Soon as it happened we realised what was going on and started run/waddling after the guy - both had 20kg rucksacks on....not the easiest to run!! Ellisa "drop you bag and ruuuuunnnnnnnnnn!", dont remember the last time I ran that quick, remember hearing someone shouting policia ploicia....was quite excited when I saw I was catching him up and didn´t understand why he´d started slowing down so soon only to see police jump on him and pin him against the wall! Was all very dramatic!! (seriously what would I have done if I´d caught him - asked nicely for it back!).

Long story short we ended up in the back of the police car getting chatted up by the police on the way to the station. Spent a couple of hours in the station making statements and loving being the center of attention. Such a funny and fun morning....obviously only thinking that because I get everything back but thats besides the point!
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