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Feels like I've been away for so much longer than I have, think its all the moving around, so see a silly amount in a small space of time.

St Petersburg was stunning, Moscows nothing to write home about, apart from the crazy march the soliders did at changing of the guards - it was like a slow motion cancan!!! Looking forward to getting out of the towns and into some proper countryside - a little worried though as the mosquitos seem to like me!!

Time on the train from Moscow to Irkutsk went really quickly - 3 days, 4 nights - thought I'd go nuts but was actually quite noice not to move too far!! Was suprised at how little the scenery changed for saying it was thousands ok Km, although the first 36 hours were mostly silver birch. Had some crazy snack food from the locals selling at stations, bit like th consistency of donughts but not sweet, first one was hot with an onion filling - very tasty if a bit of a surprise! was cold with a potato filling - bit like a cold chip butty...not so good but least it soaked up some of the beer!!

Lake Baikal was heaven, really didn't want to leave this morning, not sure if its how well Rita looked after us (the home stay host) or just how pretty it was.
Did a "softies" trek....would appear it means something different in Russian to English - I was expecting an old granny plod along but softies in Russian just means you dont camp over night, nothing to do with how hard the walk is!! We were up and down steep cliff paths - a bit like the sheep tracks you see at home and think stupid sheep fancy going somewhere that steep!! Very good fun though. Hard to believe its a lake when all you can see to the horizon is water (the one fact I was told and remember...the lake is bigger in square miles than Belgium!) - felt like being at the sea side....Off to Mongloia in the morning...
travelman727 says:
Like you, I fell in love with St. Petersburg :-D
Posted on: Aug 29, 2008
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photo by: cimtech