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Just Getting Settled

Well where do I begin. I don't think there is a better way to fly than what I just experienced. I have enclosed pictures of the pod. Not only is it extremely quiet but the service is impeccable. They put down linen table clothes whenever you eat. They are forever giving you hot rags to wash your hands and your drink glass is never running low. There is only first class cabin that contains 12 pods. 11 are for passengers and the 12 one is for the pilots to sleep. It was right behind me and they do sleep.

The flight started off with lavender scent gently cascading through the cabin. Very tastefully done and very pleasant. You can tell that this is an oasis for the elite and not your everyday rift raft. Most of the people in first class where pilots and flight attendance getting to different jobs.

Your feet can be raised the entire time.
They just slept the entire time whereas I was asking all sorts of questions. I was really disappointed that I needed a special adapter for my computer that you had to buy in duty free. Nobody told me that and I was not able to use my laptop. Even if I did get an adapter I could only work on my computer but not access the Internet. Well, that is all I wanted to do. So I kept it locked up and not used. I did get different flight attendants to take my pictures in different state of dress. I brought my pj's with me so I could sleep comfortably. I don't know if it was the champagne, red wine, red wine, red wine or the sleeping pill but I slept like a log for 4 1/2 hours. In fact I got up, had my breakfast and then the plane landed. I watched a movie while eating my five course meal the night before.

The meal was just as good as anything you would have in a better restaurant. I will describe the appetizer. It was a Roasted mushroom duck tart and seared sea scallop with organic kalamata olive-caper vinaigrette and fig chutney. Then came soup, more wine, salad with a blue cheese dressing and more wine, the main course which I selected the chicken stuffed with spinach and apricots with a balsamic cherry sauce.

You had lots of choices of what to eat and you could chose when you ate it. You just needed to give them half and hour. There is a seven hour change from Chicago to Frankfurt and one hour from Chicago to Edmonton. The flight last just under 8 hours so it is about 8 am here but after midnight there.

The flight was everything I expected and more. It was so much fun and so relaxing. You can pick between all these great movies to watch. I chose "Run Fat Boy, Run". It was hilarious and I laughed out loud numerous times.

I should run and have a look around but just wanted to get this new entry in.

darlingeva says:'re in Greece. The plane ride sounded wonderful. Too bad every flight weren't like that one. Can't wait to hear about Greece. I sent you an email today! Love you and miss you xoxoxoxoxoxo
Posted on: Jul 02, 2008
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I've put this info on already but I can't find it. I will have to keep addding to the same blog and not recreating the wheel.
Just Getting Settled
Just Getting Settled
Your feet can be raised the entire…
Your feet can be raised the entir…
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