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My diving instructor Stephan. He was from Montreal and works here in Greece for the summer.

I fell in love today! With scuba diving. I am now going to get certified in Mexico. So Lynn register us for those Spanish lessons and lets head to Cozumel next year. HOLA!

I certainly have been having some great experiences but this one ranks right up there. Putting on a wet suit is not part of the fun. If you ever saw anyone try and fit a sleeping bag back into the nylon shell it came in, that was me trying to get into my wetsuit.  I actually got a blister on my left hand fighting with the rubber. They want them so tight and they are very heavy and hot. When I said heavy, I don't think I knew what heavy was until those tanks and weight belts went on. In fact they had to help me stand up in the water. I kept falling over. That was almost as embarrassing as when they shouted across the pier "Beth, how much do you weigh?" I pretended I didn't hear them and they kept asking.

If you look closely you can see the bay in the rocks. That is where we started our dive and made it just outside in the near part of the Libyan Sea.
"Me no speaka da English" It didn't work, I had to shout back ---lbs. Yippee! Now everybody knows. They need to know how many pounds you are so they know how many weights your belt needs.

After that it was all uphill. I absolutely loved diving and would do it again. We went  down to 18 m which is pretty good for a first dive. The sea life was breathtaking. Not quite what it was in Cozumel but the experience was remarkable. I swam in some coral caves and fed some fish by stirring up the rock and they all gathered around to see what goodies there are. I held star fish, sea urchins and crabs. When you first go out you have to make sure your ears are clear. This can take quite a bit of time because the pressure can cause you a lot of pain. This was the one thing that I was a little nervous about because of the horrible time I have on airplanes. I had to blow out my ears more than most people but it wasn't too bad. I am sure if we went deeper it might be worse.

Here is the web site of where we dove. The diving center is somehow connected with the hotel.

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My diving instructor Stephan. He w…
My diving instructor Stephan. He …
If you look closely you can see th…
If you look closely you can see t…
Getting ready!
Getting ready!
I am hot. Let me get in the water!
I am hot. Let me get in the water!
What a hottie! I mean that in both…
What a hottie! I mean that in bot…
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