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Okay, I went on my own adventure. Didn't end up getting a bike because I decided to walk the entire way. Who said they don't sweat. You should have seen me. I look like the overweight Greek men. We both had wet t-shirts. They would have won the contest even though I was trying my best. I did check about a bike and they wanted me to rent it for the whole day. I only wanted it for a short time so the walk did me good. Of course I am directionally challenged and headed in the right direction but I had a dickens of a time finding the Catholic Church. Of course those who know me understand that I showed up 3 hours before mass started. I really wanted to go but I was not staying for three hours. On the pamphlet they said "Times may change" YOU THINK!!!!!! So said prayers for all of my friends. Old ones and imaginary ones. Ones that I hope to meet that I haven't met yet. So much for all the advice I got about meeting people. I think I have heard about four groups speak English and the rest are Scandinavian, Germany or Japanese. I am even willing to strike up a conversation with the French, but they are no where to be found.

The old town was absolutely gorgeous. My pictures do not do it justice. It was miles and miles and blocks and blocks of small stores. I thought Mexico and Peru had lots of stores. Nothing like this. The streets are incredibly narrow and you can tell they were developed long before automobiles or horse and buggies.

My feet are a little sore but not too bad as tomorrow is the big hiking day. I will make sure I wear my cloud runners and some good socks. I actually bought band aids today just in case.

So I missed church so I went and had a soak in God's bath. My first trip to the Sea and it was a lot warmer than I thought but not as warm as I would have liked. I shivered when I put my shoulders in. A hot tub would be nice.

I FINALLY found one advantage of traveling by myself. It is the very first thing that has been much better to be alone than with others. Nobody saw me in my bathing suit. Nobody can take my picture. And I can walk proud as I will never see these people again and they don't talk to me anyway. I was the only person on the beach with a one piece. It doesn't matter what shape you are you wear a bikini here. Might have to go out and take a risk and buy one. Ya right!!!! I have also noticed there are an incredible amount of banana hammocks. All European men like to strut their stuff in marble sacks. There are all sorts of sizes of men as well. Okay, it is very obvious I have had my glass of wine as I type this. I unplugged the main computer in the internet cafe to plug my computer in because their wireless isn't available most of the time. Their web site said "Wireless" and you know how important this blog is to my sanity so I just disconnected everyone else and it will be a few minutes until they figure it out. So I must run before I get into trouble.

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photo by: szu