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There are three town squares. This is the first one I came to. Look at all the old Greek men, and everyone of them is smoking and hacking.

I am now in Ios. The party island of Greece! I regretted booking this leg of my trip because the more I heard about this island, the less I wanted to visit it. I took off from paradise (Santorini) at 11:45 this morning. After a very short high speed ferry ride (just over half an hour) I ended up in Ios. Me and 3000 twenty years olds! I was the only person older than 35 for sure. Oh well! You only live once. I got off the ferry with the throngs of partiers and had no idea where to go. I just turned left and headed to what I thought was the main road and I would be able to get a taxi to my hotel.


Oh! Let me tell you about my hotel.

The village has many old wind mills that are no longer operational. They leave them for tourists to see.
It is a two star. That had me really excited (NOT) as I could feel the bedbugs crawling all over just thinking of this joint. I really wanted to brave and risk it by getting  off the ferry and booking  a place on the spot but chickened out two days ago. I searched the Internet and according to hotels. com, and trip advisor there was only two rooms left in Ios. I panicked and chose this hotel. Price was good and the reviews were decent. Not great but said it was clean and close to the town. What the heck, you only live once! Plus I bought insect repellent in Santorini because I keep getting these bites on my feet and legs and they are incredibly itchy. So I have “protection”now, not the kind most people think of but “protection” good enough for me.


After realizing that I had walked to where all the local hotel buses were parked, and there wasn’t a taxi in sight, I turned and returned to the ferry.

Looking back at the village from where I climbed. My hotel would be down on the other side of the hill. No acropolis.
I’m walking against the thousands of kids and feeling a little foolish. Why didn’t I ask when I first got off instead of trudging down the road with my 80 pound suitcase and my 35 pound knapsack. (I have a full bottle of Santorini wine in it now). Huffing along, I see a man holding up a sign with my hotel’s name on it. Hey! I didn’t know they picked me up. Bonus! So in I hop and off we go. This isn’t so bad after all. Many of the hotels are called, Alice’s Place, Homer’s Inn and George’s Castle. Mine is the one that Marge is married to.


Two minutes later we arrive at the hotel.  I honestly could have walked (suitcase and all). It turns out to be an absolute charming little hotel. It has a really nice pool and pool bar. It has wireless internet in the rooms, safes in the room, and my own balcony looking out at the port.

The outdoor amphitheater. If yo look really carefully in the distance you can see Santorini. Way far away!
Nothing like Santorini, but definitely acceptable and very clean. The lady at the front desk speaks very good English and was able to point me to walking trails to town and beaches.


Of course the first question I ask her is where the nudist beach is. She laughed and showed me the way. I assured her I was not interested in bathing nude but I am doing a Greek blog and need to have proof that I visited one of the “special” beaches. Told me it was a half hour walk or I could take a bus.


Went to my room, unpacked (the best I can) and got into my full bathing suit and headed on my journey to Koumbara Beach”.

It sits 1000 people. I would have loved to have attended an outdoor concert. I wonder if the Rolling Stones will come tonight?
On my way I passed two charming beaches called, Gialos and Tzamaria. It was quite hot out so I decided not to take any pictures as I would do so on the walk back (just in case I filled my memory card at Koumbara Beach). The one where clothing is optional” because Beth will be a clicking…


Well, sorry to disappoint you but there was not one person who opted for the natural look. They all had their bottoms on. I have grown quite use to the topless sunbathers as they are every where and quite the norm. So where are the nudists? Well to be honest with you I saw one person who was completely naked except for a hat. It is just that they were two years old and that isn’t exactly what I had in mind.


So instead of the day being a complete bust I decided to work on the banana hammock documentary.

No pictures but the missing video from the other day. That should make up for no pictures today.
So I was clicking away and my battery goes dead after two shots. So you see how “I say everything happens for a reason”. That is why none of the “naturalists were there today, as Beth’s batteries were empty. Go figure!


All that walking for a baby and two hammocks! What a rip off! Well not really, as they weren’t ripped off, they stayed on. Better luck next time. I will certainly have my camera ready to go.


Do you know that there have been over 2792 hits on my blog? I can’t believe it and I don’t have a clue as to what they consider a hit. I assume it is someone looking at the blog. If that’s the case, then that’s awesome.


Went for dinner, to a restaurant that the hotel recommended. It is down at the port and I was the only one there. (As usual) Most people don’t go out to eat until after dark. Their night starts at midnight or one o’clock. This “Shirley Valentine” has already clocked three hours of night time sleeping by that time.


Charlie did invite me to go out with her tonight by texting me. These young kids don’t realize for their one minute entry takes me 36 minutes to text back. I have to spell all the words out correctly and none of the “ U R so QT.” I don’t understand that and I need to see the language in full. So I declined her invite and headed back to enter my blog. My battery will have to charge the entire night as I am in a hotel that has clued into people who disconnect the electric card when they leave the room. So as soon as I leave my room all power goes off, so there goes any charging. My poor electric toothbrush may never work the same. I have so many things that need charging and I only have the one converter. My first priority is the lap top. Second is my cell phone (for the text messages, thanks Johanna) and third is my camera and last but not least is the electric toothbrush.


This is a very different island. It is definitely geared to the young folk and I only saw one couple that even came close to my age. They were on a motor bike and stopped for a beer in the restaurant that I was having dinner. As they were leaving, the wind picked up and the lady’s dress lifted in the wind to reveal that she was not wearing a thing underneath. Okay, too bad my camera was dead at the time. I should have asked them where they like to sunbathe so I could go there tomorrow. Life is so dull without a camera.


So I am very sorry for no pictures today, but I will make up for it tomorrow. Not that the environmental sights are as good as Santorini but I can tell you the people sights are a LOT more interesting. You should see how these young people dress. Very interesting!!!!

sylviandavid says:
Fun read.... Sylvia
Posted on: Nov 16, 2009
missandrea81 says:
I know I've "hit" your blog quite a lot!
Posted on: Jul 28, 2008
homeres says:
I really liked reading this blog!!!!
Posted on: Jul 19, 2008
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There are three town squares. This…
There are three town squares. Thi…
The village has many old wind mill…
The village has many old wind mil…
Looking back at the village from w…
Looking back at the village from …
The outdoor amphitheater. If yo lo…
The outdoor amphitheater. If yo l…
It sits 1000 people. I would have …
It sits 1000 people. I would have…
No pictures but the missing video…
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