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This is it! I'm toast!

Can you believe that I had another adventure? Not quite as funny as the others but definitely more life threatening. I go to the airport two hours before my flight (I always like to be early) and found out the earliest you can get there is one hour before your flight. So went and did some telephoning home. The announcements on the intercom were so loud I had to cut the calls short. Then I hear some horrific yelling. Everyone is gathering around a man and a ticket agent. I couldn’t understand a word they were saying but he was so angry, he started hitting the counter. He had a child of about nine with him with an unaccompanied adult sign. I can’t figure out what was going on but he finally had to be restrained.


Then my time comes to check in. Guess what? I am well over the allotted weight and they charge me 30 Euros to take my bag.

Getting on the plane. If you can call it that.
I was going to take out whatever I could and ship back home but it didn’t make much sense to send home my water bottle and a sweater. The rest I need. My electric toothbrush needs its charger. I need my hair straightner. I honestly tried to find something that could go. Couldn’t think of anything. I have worn all my shoes. Used all my hair products. What could I do without? So I threw out my hair dryer (brand new) and my water bottle. Needless to say, I reluctantly paid the fee (they lowered it to 20 euros because they felt sorry for me. So I was set. I am now taking ferries from island to island.


Then I go to get on the plane. They have to be kidding! It had propellers! It is no wonder I had to pay extra for my luggage, it weighed more than the plane. I knew I was in trouble when several of the men passengers did the sign of the cross. When in Rome do as the Romans do! I prayed.

Even the airports are on the sea.
Took the video of the safety instructions because I was truly interested in where the life jackets were. I never pay attention before in airplanes on how the seat becomes a life preserver but this time I NEEDED to know as we were flying over water. Yikes! I couldn’t hear or understand a word she was saying. So much for trying to listen. It was so noisy I wouldn’t even be able to hear the pilot say to take the safety position due to some problems  Great! I’m going down. Canada wouldn’t even hear about a twelve seater going down in the Mediterranean Sea. Gone Forever! (Video of flight attendant to follow when I get a hotel with internet)


Now I wonder what kind of meal they are going to serve? I waited and waited. Nothing. Go figure! Actually the flight attendant is trying to get by a passenger and she kept hitting her head.

Just a little cozy!
I have to say it was a very pleasant flight after all but I do prefer my pod in first class.


Now for my hotel in Rhodes! That is where the real life and death experience happens. I am staying in a very inexpensive hotel. So is every 20 year old in Rhodes. The halls are full of drunken, screaming meemies. The front desk said they have lots of trouble and please don’t hesitate to call at 2 or 5 am to complain. Oh goody! I get to be the hag from room 621. As you can see the room is nothing at all. I don’t mind it but I think I may look for another place tomorrow.


I hope to go on some tours while I am here. Since it is late now all the booking places are closed so I will just sit here and drink my red wine and eat my peanuts in a bar that offers free Internet.

Flight attendant trying to go through the aisle.
So here I am. Having a wonderful time typing away while all these shirtless people drink their faces off.


Some of the drinks on the menu here are:

Volcanic Orgasm

Between the Sheets

Sex on the Beach

Trojan Horse                                                                   


I wonder which one I should try?  Hhhmmm!


A little later.

I was able to watch the pilots every move. Even saw the controls.
.. Just got back from booking a full day trip to Turkey tomorrow. I leave at 7:25 and return in the evening. On Saturday I am going on a bus tour of the ruins of the island. It is in French. Should be interesting. I wonder how much I will catch. The English one didn't have enough people going so they cancelled it. I thought... what the heck, I speak French. On Sunday I leave for five days to Santorini. That is the highlight of this trip for me. I wanted to save it for last but because of its situation in the islands it didn't make sense. From there I am off to Mykonos. That is where the movie "Shirley Valentine" took place. I won't be staying there long as it is known as the 24 hour party island. Not really what I am into. But I think I need to see what it is like. I am sure I am going to get a feel for the 24 hour party from the place I am staying right now. Everyone is appalled that I am staying at a hotel in "Bar Alley". Who knew? I didn't. I kind of figured it out this afternoon when all I saw was hundreds of drunk kids stumbling all over the place and  yelling at the top of their lungs. I will see how tonight goes and get the heck out on my tour tomorrow.
Naked woman on the balcony across from me. They are everywhere and yes, she was only in a pair of underwear.
I am sure the Turks are better behaved.


Life is good here in Greece! Wish you were all here with me!

cmgervais says:
I am loving your blogs -- hilarious!
Posted on: Jul 12, 2008
mcgrann says:
Beth, i have just sat down and read all of your blogs. I have laughed my ass off, you should get this published. Your pictures are amazing, i am sooo jealous. Wish i was there with you, it looks like so much fun. We will miss you at the game tomorrow, and of course at the party! We will be sure to toast you and have a couple drinks (not sweet red wine) just for you. Can't wait to hear more about your adventure's tomorrow.
Hey, where are the pic's of the guys in the banana hammocks?
Oh and i agree with A.Fox, Yiannis liked you - are you sure there wasn't more to that story? You aren't holding out on us are you?
Be safe,
God Bless,
Posted on: Jul 10, 2008
milltownmeadow says:
Try them all,then you will have been Around The World!
Posted on: Jul 10, 2008
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This is it! Im toast!
This is it! I'm toast!
Getting on the plane. If you can c…
Getting on the plane. If you can …
Even the airports are on the sea.
Even the airports are on the sea.
Just a little cozy!
Just a little cozy!
Flight attendant trying to go thro…
Flight attendant trying to go thr…
I was able to watch the pilots eve…
I was able to watch the pilots ev…
Naked woman on the balcony across …
Naked woman on the balcony across…
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