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Had the wrong setting on the camera so this is the clearest shot I have. It will be a long time until I can travel this way again so enjoy the pink blurry shot! That is my champagne that they took away before I finished.

Happy Birthday Johanna! 25 years ago today, in fact right at this hour and almost to the minute you were coming into the world. It is about 5 minutes to 1 pm in Chicago, so according to my watch it was exactly 25 years ago right now! 


I don’t think I will ever enjoy flying again. First class is definitely the way to go. You do not need to get to the airport as early as economy passengers because you never have to wait in line. They have special lines for first class customers. Sometimes business class is with you but depending on the flight you are often on your own. I know there are different lounges for business and first class.

I was taking these shots in the first class lounge when the battery went dead and everything I needed to recharge was in my checked luggage.
You also get preboarded and you get off first. The best part is your luggage is tagged with priority and it is first off. Life is sweet!


The pod was identical to the one coming here but it was different in that I was flying during the day versus night time. I had slept really well last night in Germany so guess who wasn’t tired on the flight. I watched two movies. One was “Fools Gold” and the other “PS I Love You”. Fools Gold was silly and if Matthew McConaughey got beat up or hit with a hammer one more time, I thought I was going to hit him as well. I am glad I didn’t waste a coupon going to that one in the theaters (and I did want to go too). I had seen “PS I Love You” but wanted to see it again. I sobbed throughout the entire movie and had no idea I was so noisy because I had the very cushiony first class head phones on and it wasn’t until a man handed me his hanky that I realized I had been crying out loud.

Does Goddess Bethena need anything more than this. Yes, they had tonic and lots of lemons!!!
I was mortified! I did not use his hanky as that would be nasty. The flight attendant brought me a box of tissues which I blew my nose into and wiped the streams of tears. It’s such a sad movie….


In first class they start you off with a glass of champagne. I didn’t realize I had to finish it before take off so they took it away from me before I could finish. I would have chugged if I new it would be gone. But have no fear as soon as we are in the air we can have what ever we want. I really want to get my money’s worth but there is just so much one can do at 9 am in the morning, so I passed on all of it and drank water. Don’t forget I had Bailey’s in my coffee in the first class lounge and champagne. So I wasn’t that much of a tea toatler (sp?)


When we were getting off the plane in Chicago this woman calls out my name and my heart sinks.

Do you see the bottle of champagne in the corner. You could really do some damage if you wanted to. Unfortunately, I just wanted to get home and so drinking was not high on my list. (At least not this day, it had been in the past)
I have never heard anyone being called off an airplane unless there is a real problem. It turns out they were trying to get me on an earlier flight to Denver and Edmonton. She walked me through customs and to the luggage claim. Unfortunately they still had the one flight to Edmonton so even if I got out of Chicago earlier I would have to wait in Denver. I asked who had the better lounges and she said Chicago has the International First Class where as Denver only has the regular. Do they have to ask twice? Not for this chick. I might as well wait in the best place if I still get home at the same time. PS*** Big mistake! I should have gone as I missed my connection in Denver. The plane in Chicago was two hours late which made it nip and tuck as to whether I would make it or not. I crossed my fingers and my plane did land at 7:03 and my flight was scheduled to leave at 6:58.
Some hot food and some fancy coffee machine.
How often are planes 10 minutes late. So I took off like a mad woman with my back pack and my steal purse. I ran as fast as I could. I was lucky enough to get off on Gate 42 but had to run to gate 84. I would have made my soccer team proud! As I approached gate 84 I shout with joy "Yippee I made it" The ticket agent says "No you didn't we have closed the doors." I said" Look they're opening again" She replies "There are mechanical problems and we can't let anybody on the plane after the doors are closed on international flights"  I plead "Please, I have been gone for 28 days, I have been flying for 22 hours, I'm tired and I want to get home. I don't need the tube thing, I will climb the stairs myself" "NOPE!" And Goddess Bethena does what she does really well, she starts to cry! Not so that anybody saw her but just enough to make her mascara run. Then Bethena says to herself... You've been gone for 28 days what is another 4 hours going to do? Yes... that is right! Other than not seeing my daughter on her birthday, at least I am still heading home. 


*** Back to where I was before I told you my sob story about missing my flight.

Wine selection



Now I going around taking pictures of all the goodies and my battery starts to go dead in the camera. What? Catastrophe! I need to show everyone all the booze, the food, the sushi bar, the hot food, the shower rooms, the sitting area. No luck! I got some shots and DEAD! No problem I will down load them into the computer and voila! Instant pics. Guess who packed her cords in her checked luggage? ME! In all the traveling this last month, I have made sure I had everything I would need in my knapsack. Not this time!

Now, I start to problem solve. I could go around to all the uppity ups in First class and see if anybody has cords for a camera and computer. I look at them and decide no, they don’t look too friendly and they are all into their newspapers.

Fridge #1
So I look at my trusty little tablet and BINGO! It has a little disk reader on the side. Who would have thought? What are the chances that my camera’s memory card it going to fit? BINGO! It does! So I am practically bouncing up and down with happiness when a warning comes on the computer. “This disk has not been formatted; do you want to format now?” That is the worst thing you can do if you have pictures on a disk. They will all be gone. All 986 pictures of Greece would have been erased in a split second.


You see, you only got to see some of my pictures. Some were not deemed appropriate for internet use. Some, which nobody will ever see. 


PSS*** I am home now safe and sound.

Fridge #2
My luggage made it however, my shampoo and conditioner are all over the insides of the suitcase. No big deal as everything was standing on its own from filth, so now the washing machine is working over time.


Its great to go away but man.. is it NICE to be home! Thanks again for following along with me on the most amazing experience of my life!!!!!


 All my love,

Beth (Bethena/Shirley)

esposito36 says:
Glad you made it home sunshine!
Proud of you :)
Settled into our house (mostly)
Drop me a line when you get back to reality!
Love Lizzy
Posted on: Jul 30, 2008
missandrea81 says:
PS I love you is a tear jerker isn't it. Stay away from the book, it's so much worse. lol
Posted on: Jul 28, 2008
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Had the wrong setting on the camer…
Had the wrong setting on the came…
I was taking these shots in the fi…
I was taking these shots in the f…
Does Goddess Bethena need anything…
Does Goddess Bethena need anythin…
Do you see the bottle of champagne…
Do you see the bottle of champagn…
Some hot food and some fancy coffe…
Some hot food and some fancy coff…
Wine selection
Wine selection
Fridge #1
Fridge #1
Fridge #2
Fridge #2
You can see the Sushi bar in the f…
You can see the Sushi bar in the …
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