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There's a tiger on my bed!

Okay, I am going to be honest. Traveling by myself was probably not the smartest idea. For all of you, who know me; know that this is way out of character. I will do something I don't often do, I am admitting my mistake. At least for now, it is a mistake. I got to downtown Athens on the Metro with few problems. (I say a few because when you don't have a map and you're not very good with directions or the language) it can be a bit challenging. That's okay. I made it. Then it went all down hill from there. The directions I got off of the internet for my hotel had no street address. So I am walking around Amonia Square asking every person if they knew of a hotel called "The Baby Grand". Not even the police officers had heard of it.

Beginning the hike to the Acropolis!
So there I was, tired, stressed, lonely and VERY LOST. I was about to hail a cab when I came across this neat little hotel and low and behold it was the right one. Now it turned out to be a really funky and artsy place. In fact my room is gorgeous. All the walls have hand painted mountains on them. At least I think they are mountains but some seem rather suggestive so it may be something else and I just think they're mountains.

So things were looking up until I tried to plug my computer in. It wouldn't work. The $35.00 adapters that the AMA sold me don't work here in Greece. I think they only work in Iraq or Antarctica. So there goes my life line to my civilization... I had never thought that my special planning for email and blogging would not work. Well, I am not that easily defeated.

Theater... Go figure!
I decided to head out today and solve the problem, but first I had to go on my walking tour of Athens. It was great and there were 8 Australians and 3 Canadians. It turns out that the two other Canadians are from Edmonton and from Blue Quill. Now if that isn't a small world. Susan is taking her daughter Sarah on this trip as a high school graduation present. Okay, that made me feel a little better that I had run into some local people. A little better but not a whole lot.

I had a wonderful time on the walking tour. It lasted 4 hours and we heard all about Greek history and saw some wonderful sites. I am including some of the pictures from the Acropolis. I learned that there are many acropolises in Greece and they mean top of the city. So the acropolis that is in Athens is dedicated to Goddess Athena.

Parthenon dedicated to Athena
There are ruins all over the city (well the parts that I saw) and there are many stories that go with each one. Too numerous to tell here you will just have to wait until I get back. (If I ever do)

I am suppose to leave tomorrow to go Island hopping and will hold off for a day or two until I get this computer problem solved. I also have not decided which Island to go to first. All the people I have met are heading to Mykonos. I was invited to join a group from Asia but declined as they were four families with kids aged 5 to 11. Not my idea of fun right now... But it was nice of them to offer as they felt sorry for me that I was all by myself.


JMorris271 says:
What a blast that must have been. My wife and I are getting ready for a Greece and Turkey tour. I found your blog in that process. Bravo for you and your courage!
Posted on: Mar 22, 2015
travelman727 says:
Great pics! Your photos bring back many happy memories :-D
Posted on: Aug 26, 2008
lynnn says:
Hey Bethie - We (Annie Marie and myself) enjoy reading your blog. We think that perhaps you should be more descriptive! (Joke)
Posted on: Jul 04, 2008
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Theres a tiger on my bed!
There's a tiger on my bed!
Beginning the hike to the Acropoli…
Beginning the hike to the Acropol…
Theater... Go figure!
Theater... Go figure!
Parthenon dedicated to Athena
Parthenon dedicated to Athena
Dont steal my purse, its made of …
Don't steal my purse, its made of…
A fraction of Athens from the Acro…
A fraction of Athens from the Acr…
Walking Tour! The streets are all …
Walking Tour! The streets are all…
Cars have the right of way!
Cars have the right of way!
Theater seats for the rich and fam…
Theater seats for the rich and fa…
An orchestra is playing there toni…
An orchestra is playing there ton…
Can you see the sweat dripping off…
Can you see the sweat dripping of…
My new friend. My only friend.
My new friend. My only friend.
photo by: Johnpro