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I know it looks like a big bottle of wine but it really is only 1/2 L. But that is as much as I could stomach.

This shows how much of the sweet wine I could drink… not my usual consumption.

It was revolting! Maybe it had something to do with the 2 euros I spent on it. You think?


I had some time for the first time to go back and read my own blogs. I was so rushed for the last five days with the internet issues that I never read my blogs before uploading them. Not only did I not reread them, this program does not have spell check so I just type as fast as I can and there it is. Once I figured out how to go and edit and change some things I was appalled at my grammatical and spelling errors. You are all dears for not saying anything. So I went and did some major fixing up. Hope it is a little more readable now.


Today is a quiet day.

Relaxing a little too much on the beach in Rethymno
I am leaving Crete to go to Rhodes. I have a few hours to update you on the history of Crete (a la Beth). I am no historian and the dates may be a little off but I will do my best. So if you are not a history buff, skip this entry.



Apparently the Minoan civilization was the first on the Island. It was somewhere between 2800 and 1100 BC. They were very successful and lived a peaceful life until a volcanic eruption on Santorini wiped out their civilization. Syrians and Egyptians invaded the island and started new cities. Then the Romans came and took over at about 70- 300 AD. Christians came at this time and everyone seemed rather peaceful (as peaceful as could be) From the late 4th century to the mid 7th century Crete was a prosperous and peaceful Byzantine province scattered with beautiful churches and lots of mosaic floors (showed the wealth). Then came the Slavic invasion and then the Arabs. The Arabs made Iraklion the capital. The Arabs used Iraklion as their base for their pirate raids in the Mediterranean until later when the Byzantines managed to resume control of the island. Then in 1200 the Venetians came and the fight was on. One would win one battle and take power the other would win another and so it went like this until they decided to work together and try and share. Then after all this, the Ottoman decided they wanted Crete so they came a charging. So for 300 years the Ottoman ruled the empire. Then finally in the late 19th century the Greeks took charge and struggled for independence. It became a Greek state in 1913.


Boys and girls the test will be on Friday. Spelling is not marked and the dates do not have to be that accurate as I am sure I am a little off in the exact details. Your mark is worth 25% of your final grade. Study hard!

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I know it looks like a big bottle …
I know it looks like a big bottle…
Relaxing a little too much on the…
photo by: szu