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It doesn't hurt but my back does, so does my chest, so does my butt cheeks, and my the back of my legs. They're actually on fire!

So while all of you were sleeping, this beach babe decided to try out her bikini. I made sure I had my sunscreen well applied. The only thing is, I am not a seasoned sun worshipper. And therefore, I didn't know that you had to make sure that you keep reapplying screen each time you turn over. I guess you rub it off on the lounge chair. Didn't know that. Now I do....

Was bound and determined that I was going to soak up the sun all day so after 3 hours I decided to go in for a swim. The waves were wild but I thought it was just this part of the beach. I didn't know it was extra rough. While out there I got hit several times with some mighty hard waves. Lost my bathing suit three times. Once the top and the bottoms twice. Bikinis are not made for waves.

Well, I can look! Can't be in the sun anymore.
Thinking this might not be such a good idea, I exited the water to notice there was some blood on my foot. It wouldn't stop bleeding so headed back to my room.

Now, you all know I think everything happens for a reason. there was a reason for me to get hurt while swimming. When I looked at myself in the mirror, I was absolutely scarlet. My middle of my back is so red and so is the complete outline of the bikini. Front and back.  I'm not laughing. This is the first time this trip that I am not laughing at myself. I will have to stay out of the sun for many days. Right when I am heading to my all time favourite spot. But what I am so happy about is my  chewed up foot got me out of the sun. If I had stayed there until I wanted to come out, I know I would have been in the hospital. Those of you who know me understand when I say I am burned. This is the worst my back has been and it is only 4 o'clock in the afternoon. I can't imagine it tonight. But who cares... I am off to Santarini!

While feeling sorry for myself I went window shopping. Guess what store I found? Are you surprised?

cjroy says:
Ouch!! A sunburn is nothing to laugh at...I am so sorry for you.
Posted on: Jul 13, 2008
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It doesnt hurt but my back does, …
It doesn't hurt but my back does,…
Well, I can look! Cant be in the …
Well, I can look! Can't be in the…
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