Day 4 - Museè d'Orsay and La Lourve

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We got up fairly (!!) early and my sister decided she wasn't in the mood for art. So, we left her at the hotel. Me and my Mam went shoe-shopping first cos my Mam's feet were killing her in sandles (and it was pissing rain). We found a shop that sold designer trainers for half what you'd pay in Ireland. That's strange for Paris cos it's usually so expensive. But we were still in Montmartre and I found that the shop there aren't as over-priced as in the city centre. Anyway we bought some comfy shoes ( I found a pair of pink Pumas I couldn't leave behind) and we went back to the hotel to change and to see if my sis had changed her mind about coming with us to the museums. She hadn't, and so the two of us set out towards our local metro stop, Place de Clichy.


We got off at the wrong stop and had to walk ages to get to the Orsay museum. By this time the rain was teeming down and we were never so glad to have brought our raincoats and umbrellas. Even though the weather was so bad, there was a HUGE queue for the museum. We got to jump the queue because of our paris passes and I felt a bit guilty for everyone in line. But the guilt didn't last long. The museum was very big but well laid out. We didn't stay long downstairs as most of what we wanted to see was on the first floor. There were some very impressive Rodin statues, but we were most impressed by the collection of Van Goghs and Monets. These are my fav artists. Impressionism is the only kind of art I really have any interest in.

 The Lautrec stuff was a bit dull and depressing, but still fascinating in a weird way. We probably spent 2-3 hours looking around before we headed to the gift shop (as good tourists always do!) and bought a few nick-nacks.

It was raining so heavy when we got out of the museum that we got a taxi back to the hotel in hopes that the rain would lighten up.  We bought some food in the deli under our hotel and had lunch of baguette with cheese and tomato. Then we ate some junk , as there wasn't much to do in the hotel. We headed back out a few hours later when the rain hadn't quite stopped, but had lightened a little. TheLourve was open til 10pm, so we had plenty of time to get across the city and to explore the gazillion paintings. They weren't too many people there, so we went in right away. I couldn't believe there was a starbucks under the pyramid. Of all places...Anyway, after a quick mochacino we set off on our quest for Mona. There are signs with arrows directing the path to the Lourve's most famous lady. We found it after about 10 minutes and after that everything was just an anti-climax. We actually only stayed there about an hour and a half in total. Maybe it was becasue it was late or maybe we shouldn't have done two museums in one day...but once we'd seen Mona we were ready to go. We went and got more coffee in a cafè nearby and then made our way to the hotel and our beds. We had to be up early to pack...

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photo by: Sweetski