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So we found ourselves in Riga...

I have to say I dont think that I ever knew Latvia existed till Johnny said he wanted to come here! It sounded like a really nice place plus we were keen to do BOBSLEDDING! Yehah! We found the hostel that caters for bobsledding adventures pretty easy so checked in and found that we were sharing our dorm with 3 saavy Irish girls. They were a good laugh. We headed out and stocked up on th essentials ( is so cheap!) then headed back for some good fun of our favourite drinking games. The Irish girls let us in on the bobsledding as they went a couple of days earlier...don't book it through the hostel. Do it yourself and save 40 euros. Woo hoo! So with that info we just relaxed and enjoyed Riga for what it was. The next day was Dad's Birthday so was a good chance to call home and have a yarn with my family. We then checked out the sights, the best being the frozen river at sunset....

  The next day we made our way to Sigulda. So cheap, at 70cents for the train ride. We got off at a barren site- Sigulda has to be one of the smallest towns we have encountered so far! But beautiful in that respect. And once again, very white! We spotted the Bobsled track straight exciting. We walked to the nearest cheap hotel but it was we hunted around and ended up going to tourist info and finding a room in a 'homestay'. 7 lats, we were laughing. So we trodded on, found the house and knocked and waited. Eventually a lovely old man came to the door followed shortly by his cheery bubbly wife. We got shown the room, dropped our gear off and left straight for the Bobsled track! 

 We got there and it was quite busy so we watched everyone going down for a while on the soft foam sleds, it was a classic. 5 people go at a time and it looked so much fun. We asked the staff if they were doing the hard sledding but they werent till the next day so we put it off till then and headed back 'home' for food and sleep. Next morning Johnny was jumping around the room- he couldnt wait. We headed for the track and he basically got on straight away...


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