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I'm creating this thing after over a year of returning from my trip. So it will not be as chuck-full of details as it could have been.

I went to Costa Rica in the begining of March 2007 with my Spanish class. The first thing we did was go to Arenal. We had to drive for about 6 hours around Lake Arenal to get there, but it was a pretty drive. We stayed in a hotel near Arenal Volcano, which is an active volcano. At night you could see the mountain glowing with lava. That was really cool. While there we took a canopy tour. Which zip-lining through the canopy of a rainforest. It was amazing. I really recommmend doing one of those if you ever go to Costa Rica. Then we road horses to a village that depicted Native Costa Rican life. They played some drums and there was a fire. Then was a ton of tourist stuff to by. It was all hand-painted and made of coconuts. Then we went to some natural hot springs at a resort place. They were realxing after a long day and really fun. They had tons of different springs and they were all different temperatures. The next day we hiked down a huge hill to swim at the bottom of a waterfall. Not at the direct bottom because of currents and dangerous rocks. Then it started raining and all of our clothes got soaked. It was not so fun to climb up in wet jeans, but it was worth it because it was really fun. After our stay in Arenal, we headed to a place in the lowlands of some mountains. I can not remember the name right now, but I'll add it later.  There we went out one night to dance. Latin dancing is the most fun. You get to spin so much. After that we went on a rainforest bridge tour. That was awesome. We saw tons of wildlife. I liked this a lot because I was soooo tired and it was an easy walk while still getting to enjoy all the animals and plants. We next headed to a larger city where we had family stays. My family was really nice and showed us so much. We got to attend a school one day. I really think that American schools are so far behind in learning languages because everyone there could speak fluent english. On the day that we went to the school it was a hazing day for incoming freshmen. They had to do realys (like potato sack races) and eat gross food. It was really funny. Then one day our family took us to a ranch they owned. They had horses and the people that worked at the ranch for them had the cutest baby. He was super chubby and smiley. They called him "Gordito"-little fat one.  Our family also took us to a beach at sunset it was spectacular. When we got out we were covered in glowing algae. We were really fresked out at first, but the family was like your fine. So that was pretty neat. After our family stays, we went to a resort. We basically chilled for 3 days. There was a beach and tons of pools. I was kinda disappointed at the resort because it was really touristy and prior to this I felt like I was actually viewing a different culture. It was realaxing though. One of the kids on the trip lives in Mexico with his parents during the summer and could speak fluent spanish. He talked the bartender into giving us alcoholic drinks. One of the boys on the trip had a few too many and fell asleep on the beach and got fried. The whole trip everyone made fun of me because I used spf 50 the whole trip. I went pale and came back pale, but it was ok because one of my friends used spf 4 and is still trying to get ride of the tan lines due to such a bad burn. Over all I reallly enjoyed  my trip. Costa Rica is a beautiful country and there was so many fun things to do.

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