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Scenery along the route to Linzhi
Dos: 1) Smile- traveller, u know what I mean 2) Ask permission to do any, eg: taking photos- Photo taking and video are prohibited in some temple, (u might end up paying money if u don’t obey) 1) Have another partner to travel with u (u might be sick due to the high attitude, u really need someone to take care of u, I encounter that, lucky I have my husband with me, that feeling was bad) 2) Rest for 1 to 2 day before u start traveling- u need to adapt to the high attitude environment, as u travel, u might encounter different attitude 3) Drink lots of water, its dry 4) Take care of own belongings- u know it too 5) Leave some donation when u need to exchange small change in temple Don’ts: 1) Shower for first 2 day-due to attitude (if u really need it, do it with the bath room door open where allow air circulation, or wipe yourself with wet towels) 2) Walk alone in small street (especially Chinese, we heard storey from tour guide, its not that nice to share it here, so if u are keen to know then send me message) 3) Point at anything that might be religion, Tibetan are very religion they might find u rude if u do that, use your thumd, to point.
Home visit in Tibet,Linzhi
4) Buy thing from street, if u really do want, make sure the price is reasonable n acceptable. 5) Budget on price if u are not sincere in purchasing. All the above, are from personal experience, only a little tips from my tour guide n my observation, so might not be applicable to some of u! Apologize if u cant understand due to my bad English, I am learning to pick up better English. Lastly, I welcome anyone who needs some answer to their question; I will do my best to answer. It is my first time to TIBET (in a tour group), it really impress me!! Scenery n people I met during my trip make me wanting to go back n stay longer, it really great!! Very hard to describe in words! TIBET, I am coming back for u!
mabby says:
Great info!
Posted on: Oct 24, 2009
Eric says:
Thanks for the info!
Posted on: Dec 01, 2006
travelman727 says:
You write English very well! Thanks to you, I now want to visit Tibet.
Posted on: Dec 01, 2006
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Scenery along the route to Linzhi
Scenery along the route to Linzhi
Home visit in Tibet,Linzhi
Home visit in Tibet,Linzhi
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