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My 1st time to this country and it's not even to the big cities.Went on tour to Guilin,other towns and GuangzhouGuangzhou is the 3rd biggest apparently and China in general is humongous! The country may be rich in funds but not very nice to their own citizens. My trip covered some country site seeing of places with mountains and rivers.I had wanted to post this but was caught up with some other things and had forgotten to post again-better late than There's alternative to travel in China just like any other country. It could be via bus, train, car or flight. Since bus is the cheapest and it's not practical to travel by car as petrol seemed to be scarce/controlled. There are buses that travels from one town to another which takes 30 hours, seats are bunk beds and these are double decker buses! Some of the most memorable was at Yangshuo-lots fo drinking bars and fruit stalls…a lot of foreigners come to this town. Went to watch the "Liu Shan Jie" show- awesome! Mountains and Li-jiang river under the stars as a stage?On our way out of Yangshuo, we stopped by 3 places within the vicinities Female Immortal waterfall, Chinese rice wine factory and the Fang family tea plantation.(The latter locations are on the way out of Yangshuo. I loved the journey towards Female Immortal waterfall as the water was so cold and refreshing but since it's tour, we were short of time-darn! I've never drank so much tea when visiting a country so we had Pu'er tea in Guilin (one of the prized product of Guilin since there's dollar value in these tea leaves when kept for more than 50 years).Sample wine drinking: Chinese rice wine was made into a few types at the factory, the sweet and otherwise, both are high in alcho content exceeding 30% - the sweet version was delish and the otherwise type was 'hot'..if it wasn't for those greedy-stinking bees, I would have drank more!..Lol.I was told that if I were to drink one glass of this wine, I would be knocked out for 2 days! Couldn't buy any back due to fragile case-darn! Our last stop Fang family tea plantation was equally good but there's no dollar value in the tea leaves when kept for long. As we head to Guangzhou on our last day, we were told that this city is known for their food & cuisine-can't disagree although the cooking in China is oily and quite salty. Some of the best thing which I noticed was every restaurant in different town would serve us beer brands manufactured in their town. Well, my flight back with China Southern was bad-2 hours delayed from 6.30pm to 9.00pm...they don't inform you specifically of the time but their message board would let you know  “flight delayed”.  As compensation, we were given cheap “economy rice” in styrofoam and a bottle of water. When queried or confronted by passengers, the CS staff would be quick to remark rudely implying “
if you’re not happy with this visit, don’t come here again” or “if you don’t like what’s happening now, put up an extra night”…….Funny thing was there were only 2 "gutsy" men who were making noise and shouting at  them for justice to be done as it was already 8.45pm and the message board weren’t updated to reflect flight departing at 9.00pm. The rest of the men sitting in the area either stood around or were just….”ball-less”?to create more impact for our flight to leave early...oops...Lol. After much pressuring and noise, the CS had to make calls for the flight to be ready for us and we finally left China at 9.45pm. Rule of thumb before travelling to/frm China via China Southern, pray for on time flights leaving and departing! Anyway, pics which I took will be posted once I figure out how to unload them from my bro's camera which I borrowed from...Lol

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photo by: davidfeng