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With the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.

This is the part that marks the end of the trip. After this... I'm not going to blog about anymore. So tiring being on the road, and plus we hit another traffic jam. I'm getting tired of the schedule... waking up everyday at 6am and having to do the whole routine. I've sort of had enough of travelling for the day. Consider yourselves lucky, since I don't plan to tell anybody about this trip. To tell you the truth, not many people actually know that I'm overseas... but that's their loss.

Days tend to get longer and longer for some reason. I look at the clock and it's only 8am, but it feels like 3pm back at home. Being on the road for so long takes your sanity and your "I Don't Give a F**k" meter just multiplies by 100. The good thing is that the European countries are so close together that you can actually make it seem like a Las Vegas trip.

Disembarking from the bus from Paris.
If you look at it from that aspect, it seems like nothing. Too bad we ran into so many traffic jams. I think this one had to do with a trucker's union or something like that... I wasn't paying attention.

We hit France around 12pm, but we actually got to Paris around 6pm. We are staying at the Paris Hilton. We got a chance to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower, see Versailles, take a cruise down the Seine River, visit some of the museums and the Notre Dame cathedral, and take a walk down the Champs-Élysées. All in all... it was a great day. We ate out a lot with a family friend who happened to live in Paris, so that was always interesting. We got to see the parts of Paris that not many people get to see. There are a few things that I can't stand about this place... like the ridiculously high prices and the inability to find any parking whatsoever. I would say more about it, but it's late right now over here and I got another morning to deal with. All I can tell you is that after this... I'm probably going to kick it in Paris for about another 4 days days before I fly back to New York. From there, I'll fly back to California on the 5th. I got a lot of work to do, and I gotta find a place to move to soon. The life of an entrepreneur/recent college graduate is always busy.

stevenguyen says:
Thank you May. :)
Posted on: Nov 23, 2014
cotton_foam says:
Thanks for sharing this blog! ~ :)
Posted on: Nov 14, 2014
cotton_foam says:
Congrats on this featured blog!
Posted on: Nov 14, 2014
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With the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Fr…
With the Eiffel Tower in Paris, F…
Disembarking from the bus from Par…
Disembarking from the bus from Pa…
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Walking along the Champs-Élysée…
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