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Enjoying a nice slice of pizza in Venice, Italy with my siblings.

It's been a bad day... and to make things even worse... I think I'm sick.

Getting up was the hardest part. I couldn't even breathe, and my sore throat was killing me. I had to knock out for at least a few hours just to get the bugs out. I woke up around 2 and felt a little bit better, but still not 100%. Actually, not even 40%.

I walked the town a bit, and took a water taxi from LIDO to the square to get something to eat. We took some pictures, fed the pidgeons, and bought some souvenirs. You know... tourist stuff. The weather never changes around here... especially during the summer. I was told that it actually snows in the winter... which is kind of hard to believe... since most of their transportation is done through the water. Does that mean that they have to walk through the ice? Or what?

Anyway, it was fun. I found the pair of Ray-Bans that I wanted on the street from some Indian dude. I've been brushing up on my bargaining skills like crazy. I hustled the pair for 5 EUROs when the starting price was 25. Just a side note, I've been eating way too much gelato. Gotta cut down on those.

Happy Birthday Mr. Mandela!

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Enjoying a nice slice of pizza in …
Enjoying a nice slice of pizza in…
photo by: asturjimmy