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Going through the tunnel of the Eagle's Nest.

Today is the day that we hit Salzburg (AKA... where they filmed the Sound of Music... AKA.... where Mozart was born). A lot of cultural crap and a lot of history. That's not what we were interested in though. We were interested in visiting Hitler's hideout (Eagle's Nest). Me and my bro had a discussion about it... since the Band of Brothers displays this place a lot. We would desecrate it somehow... by either spitting or taking a piss on his house. That was the mission.... haha.

Salzburg was about 200 km (sorry I have to use the km... that's the Euro standard of measure here) from Innsbruck, which means that this fool was tired out of his mind. I tried to stay awake, but bear with me that I have to wake up every day at 6am to get ready for these things.

The view of the Eagle's Nest from Kehlsteinhaus,
Every pit stop is the same, and I think now I'm use to these road trips now. The drive to Las Vegas shouldn't be a problem anymore.

When we hit the town, we hopped on another tour with another tour guide who showed us around the hometown. There were certain parts of the town that were in the Sound of Music, and she showed us every single one... and described every single scene with Julie Andrews in it. After the tour, we sort of broke off and did our own thing. Ate some hot dogs and took a look at some souvenirs. No big deal.

Around 1pm, we headed to the bus that would take us straight to the Eagle's Nest. While we were heading up, I started noticing a lot more scenes from the Sound of Music. We got a chance to learn a lot more historical facts about Hitler and the area that surrounded his supposed getaway house. We took a lot of pictures and scoured his place, and looked at the views from the highest point possible. That was pretty much the highlight of the day.

I'll check back again once I hit Italy.

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Going through the tunnel of the Ea…
Going through the tunnel of the E…
The view of the Eagles Nest from …
The view of the Eagle's Nest from…
Walking alongside the heart of Sal…
Walking alongside the heart of Sa…
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