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Finally glad to be back in Venice.

The day couldn't have started off any better. Once we left Austria to get to Venice, we hit a gridlock for about 6 hours.

I don't want to get too much into detail about it, but it gave me a better opportunity to communicate with some of the members of our tour group. Played a little cards here and there, and took a few naps... but man that traffic jam was a monster. Here's an article linking to the accident:

We had to postpone our trip to Verona because of it, so instead we headed straight for Venice. It took till 6pm to get there... and oh boy the humidity. I could not stand it at all. Riverside is probably a lot worse in terms of temperature, but the humidity makes you want to die! I couldn't enjoy dinner because it was so hot! AC wasn't even a factor compared to what we had to go through. We took a cruise through the waters to get to the main plaza (which I've been to before). It was nice, but still hot. We enjoyed some music, and some drinks. I have to put off on the alcohol, because I've been getting sick and dehydrated from this monster weather that we've been having.

All in all, it's just been a bitch. I wouldn't want to stay here at all. There's no internet, and hardly any good TV on. Plus, the rooms are too small and there's a crapload of bugs. I wouldn't recommend staying in Venice for more than a day... TOPS.

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Finally glad to be back in Venice.
Finally glad to be back in Venice.
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