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Leaving Sydney

10am. Checklist time….

Passport • Check

eTicket - Check

Travel Insurance • Check

Packed bag full of clothes - ……


Obviously what ensued was a day of frantic packing, and drying of clothes in the spare bedroom with the heater on full heat, but I did it; by 3.30ish I was packed, and ready to go, my first overseas trip awaited me. Pallavi & Kieran escorted me to Corrimal station, where I joined the a-l-l stations train up to Sydney & then the airport (surprisingly uneventful sadly).

As Sara & I were catching the same flight, I took a domestic flight up to Brisbane.

Somewhere over Newcastle
Before I left though, I thought it would be prudent to buy a basic padlock, a stamp, postcard and some lithium batteries for the digital camera. Needless to say, I don’t expect to ever again shop for such basic items at Sydney Airport, unless I ever feel that Macquarie Bank just doesn’t earn quite enough money from the airport.


As we piled onboard what seemed like a reasonably sized plane to begin with, some sort of issue arose up the aisle where a woman was asked repeatedly to leave the plane as she was too drunk to fly. Of course she complied quite willingly when the security staff pulled her carry-on luggage out of the overhead storage and with equal consideration, lifted her up out of her seat.


Upon arriving at Brisbane Airport, I took great pleasure in writing about my adventures on the postcard I got from Sydney for my good friends back at work. Unfortunately, the stamp I had gotten in Sydney had disappeared somewhere in my wallet, and I could not find it for the life of me (oddly enough, it did appear some 3 months later, still in my wallet • I have no idea where it was the entire time I was in India!). I caught a cheap shuttle bus to International airport (much cheaper than their airlink train! • which doesn’t even run after 7pm!), found a stamp, sent my postcard and sidled up to whatever they call a bar up in queensland.

I drank my beer as I waited for Sara to turn up, until I had the sudden urge to go through Customs and look around the colourful duty-free area.


Now I’ve been drinking scotch for a good number of years now, and I am sure heaven has a bar just like what I saw when I came through the other side of customs. The range of years, and sizes, and promotions… I just stood there in awe and amazement until Sara eventually came through customs and found me unashamedly giddy and drooling.


Joining the long line of people boarding the plane, we made our way to our first overseas journey.
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Leaving Sydney
Leaving Sydney
Somewhere over Newcastle
Somewhere over Newcastle
photo by: monkeymia79