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overflying my home town.

As an volunteer,working for the Aviodrome aviation museum,maintaining the 1934 Douglas DC2,we also flying to airshows in holland or in europe.This time i've got the opportunity to go to the airshow on the ile of Ameland.A small island in the north of holland and one of the five wadden eilanden.After a short briefing we went to the plane and prepair it for the departure of Lelystad airport.After take of i ask the pilot to pay a vistit of my home town and with a little escort of my we circle on 1000 ft over the house.My wife and kids and also the half neighbourhood were waiving to us.(later we got mails of people who were complaining that we were flying to low and making a lot of noise).After two times it was time to pay a visit to a fellow volunteer in leewarden how was very sick (he died short time later) and after the visit it was time to go to were we had to go to Ameland.The airfield had a short grass runway( it was no problem to land , they did it after the war  also)but before we came they had a lot of rain so the field was a litlle bit swampy.When we jumped out of the plane the mud was entering the shoes.It was a day of showing people the plane and explaining them the systems and answer all the questions they had.At the end of the buisy day it was time for a beer and a local drink ( Nobel) in the Cafe Nobel in the small village of Ballum were the airfield is located.For the night they put the crew in a camp farm.This was going back to the old school days and the same as what the backpackers are undergo,if the need a place to sleep.So after surviving the night with snorering and farting crewmembers it was time to hit the shower,and with ten people and one shower you had to be patient.When everybody was ready it was time to go back to the airfield.Once outside we saw that it was raining like hell.And we were on that small airfield with a big airplane,so we were hoping that the runway was ok for takeoff.But first we received a groupe of childeren who were invited to visit the plane and flying with smalle planes.But the weather was so bad that the hole day ended in water.We had to leave the island before it was not possible enymore for us to take off.In the middle of the runway there was a big spot of water we had to jump over it.We prepaired the plane ,started up the engines and lined the plane up on the runway for take off.Every body was quiet,and had the fingers crossed.Then full power on the engines ,brakes released and tail up as quick as possible.And after a few honderd feet we were off and climing to a higher altitude.After a few minutes the first crewmember came back to live and start smiling and later on we were laughing if nothing was happened.Flying to the main land and following the cost and around the place Urk( not over it because it was sunday) and back to the airport and museum on Lelystad.After landing and store the plane in the hangar it was time for the after landing beer ( and the local drink from ameland Nobel).Later it was time to go home, back to 2007.



rotorhead85 says:
Nice plane for Oshkosh - have you been there yet? Looks like you have a great way to travel - many happy landings!
Posted on: Nov 30, 2009
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overflying my home town.
overflying my home town.
photo by: gimpel