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See the Gidday on the sign!

This isn’t something I had considered much until I returned to Australia after a 3 year absence from the country. Basically what I have found is that Australians really do say G’day a lot. I hadn’t noticed this as much before, but it is something that after being away for a while really struck me. It proves to me how much I had missed the Aussie culture and what I had taken for granted. It’s such a simple thing, derived I believe from two words… good and day, the Aussies really do like to abbreviate everything, which is evident especially in names. When the name for somewhere or someone is shortened and usually a “y” added to the end, plenty of these come to mind, mainly towns I know. Rockhampton became Rocky, Bundaberg became Bundy, Brisbane became Brissy! And names there are just too many to mention.


It really surprised me how I had actually missed something so simple and not realised how common it was to say and hear. Obviously every country probably has it’s own greeting which they recognise and use everyday, but I’m not sure if any is as well known as the Aussie G’day. It does in a way signify a lot about Australia that people associate with, which include, the warm climate, the laid back life style. I know when I was in the Netherlands I never really used it, I became more accustomed to saying something local and obviously Dutch. Maybe I lost part of myself by doing that?


I do believe that something so simple is a huge part of our culture, one that has been formed through where we are and what we experience. Culture to me isn’t the social events that we go to it’s everything we experience about where we are and forms what we are like. Language of course is a huge part of culture, it’s what you grow up communicating with and therefore greetings become second nature. It just never occurred to me as it has this time after an absence.


So G’day to you all… from Downunder!

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See the Gidday on the sign!
See the Gidday on the sign!
photo by: ice4swervin