Part 1.4 - Going Home

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Slept most of the remaining part of the day. It was raining outside, so I just curled up on the mattress in a fetal position to ward off the cold. Richard's mom woke us up at around 10PM to make sure that we didn't miss the midnight bus back to Manila. To be honest, I was feeling a bit apprehensive about traveling that night, because I knew that we were going to pass some mountainous area and my imagination was running wild with thoughts of getting into an accident on the road. However, Richard assured that it's totally safe, and besides, it's not raining as hard as during the past few hours.

By 11PM, we're ready to go. We bid goodbye to Richard's mom and brother and headed to the bus station where we took a quick bite while waiting for our bus. We boarded as soon as it arrived, and at exactly 12 midnight, we left the town of Bolinao. The trip was rather uneventful. I could still hear the occasional pouring of the rain or some low-lying branches of some roadside trees hitting the roof of the bus, but they didn't really bother me. What bothered me though, was the typical blast of air-conditioning on the bus that really made it hard for me to sleep soundly (although the seat was comfortable enough).

By 6AM, we're already within the National Capital Region, and I got home in no time (Jenny and Richard got off the bus ahead of me). Funny, Manila was still wet from a whole night of non-stop rain, and I remembered how we boasted of the perfect weather we're having in Bolinao. Well, it's a small country after all, and a raging typhoon can easily catch up with anyone wherever he may be. No complaints altogether, I got what I came to Bolinao for: relaxation of the mind and spirit.

Until next time...

JeAr says:
sana lang di kame mabaliw sa company ng isat isa hehehe :D
Posted on: Jul 23, 2008
yheleen says:
o ayan, malapit na SEA trip nyo ni Steph.. malapit ang 'next time'.. wow, ang saya nyo naman..
Posted on: Jul 23, 2008
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