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A fully packed car.

This morning my alarmclock went and I thought: "Hell yeah!!!! VACATION". I pakked the rest of my stuff and emptied the
back of my car. I had allot of junk in there like a subwoofer. I put down the backseat so I could take allot of stuff with me.
I had one big bag with clothes and two bags with towles and a blanket. Now it was time to go to Ron.

When I came at Ron's crib he was almost ready. Now we needed to go to the supermarket and buy food and junkfood. We want to
have a low budget vacation so we bought stuff to bring allong. We went to three supermarkets and got everything. Now was the
time to put everything we wanted to bring and stuffed it in my litte red car.

We left about 12:30 en arrived on 15:45. The drive over was great. First when we came in Belgium we thought, "O my god, we went
back in time!" The buildings were old and crappy, but when we drove further in Belgium the senery was beautiful.

The "welpie" who joined us on our vacation.
Allot of hills
and small towns build on them. To bad I could not make pictures while I was driving.

When we came into the park we went to the recption right away. The girl behind the counter was dutch, so that was easy asking
her about the park. We went to our appartment (number 213) and unpakked. I went into the "garden" and all you could see were
trees and a small stream. The sound of the stream was very relaxing and watching the trees. I wished at that moment that I
could enjoy this always. I made some picture from the surroundings. We didn't do much this day. I was very tired from the drive.

There is a tv in the appartment so Ron checked the channels and found "Nederland 1". That channel sends out the live coverage
of the Europian Championship soccer. (Kroatia - Turkey 0 - 0) I'm not very fond of soccer, but what the hell. It's vacations :-)

What I took with me:
- clothes
- bathroom stuff
- my camera
- backpack
- laptop
- sunglasses
- 2 mobile phones
- cardreader

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A fully packed car.
A fully packed car.
The welpie who joined us on our …
The "welpie" who joined us on our…
Small car, allot of stuff.
Small car, allot of stuff.
photo by: moshers_moll