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entrance to Paoay church

Almost back to reality...

At around 1pm, from Vigan we took the bus going to Laoag. Unlike that long bus ride from Pagudpod to Vigan via the mini open-air bus we had,  this time we rode on one of those airconditioned big passenger buses. But this convenience just lasted us a couple hours, since we decided to drop by Batac and Paoay before going back to Laoag for our flight back to Manila in the evening.

i love the contrast of the red colored chairs

So first quick stop was the town of Batac, where we took a very late lunch at Jollibee, but not before realizing that Marcos' mausoleum was open for viewing only until 4pm. We finished eating by some few minutes past 4pm. If it was just me, knowing about this, I would probably just accept that we missed it and then move on to our next stop but thanks to Manuel's determination, I learned that sometimes it pays off to just take a chance still. When we arrived at the mausoleum, there were a couple of other people also hoping to get in to see Marcos' preserved body. The ice cream vendor said we could wait until the caretaker/guard returns and then we could request him to open up the mausoleum for us. So we waited for a few minutes, got ourselves some dirty ice cream* and true enough when the caretaker returned, he was so kind enough to let us in to have a peek at the 'body' of the most popular and controversial dictator President of the Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos.

where's the coffeefairy?

Everyone is up for a scare in going in to this mausoleum. Upon entering, you would hear the most hair-raising music in your life, then you would see that the room is all black and some wreaths of flowers will greet you as you walk towards where there was a single spotlight highlighting the 'body' of Ferdinand Marcos in a glass case. The authenticity of his body has always been questioned, some say that that was not Marcos' real body but just a wax replica. What do I think about it? Well, for me, I would say that if the body of a very important person was indeed there, then there would be guards there in uniform, 24/7 but on the contrary, even the door just need one ordinary key to open the room. Anyhow, after that eerie experience, we asked our tricycle to take us to Paoay church (actually named as St. Augustine church), a UNESCO World Heritage listee popular for it's baroque style architecture built in the 17th century.

entrance to Marcos' mausoleum (no picture taking allowed inside)
  It's magnificence was obvious, however, it was another wonder for me why they allowed to build a tennis court and basketball court on the church's back.

After a few minutes of admiring this church's massive external structure, we took the jeepney going back to Laoag.  There was an hour or two we burned at McDonald's Laoag, before going to the airport. By 9:30pm we were back in the busy streets of Manila.

As they say, reality bites..So, are we going back to reality now?


* Dirty ice cream - this is referring to our local Filipino icecream, Sorbetes; not sure how we coined this term but I think most probably because of the fact that this type of ice cream is home made and sold on the streets, hence, it could be dirty




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entrance to Paoay church
entrance to Paoay church
i love the contrast of the red col…
i love the contrast of the red co…
wheres the coffeefairy?
where's the coffeefairy?
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entrance to Marcos' mausoleum (no…
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McDonalds Pilipinas!
McDonald's Pilipinas!
photo by: planisphere