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I knew that this would be a good trip when the very first thing I saw in Denver was one of our Beechcrafts parked at a D52-like gate in the A Terminal. As soon as I got off the plane, I raced right over to say hi. I figured that when Skyway left, I could always call the people and ask them how they were doing, but I was rather upset that I wouldn't be able to see the airplanes again. (For the record, (1) when Trinity was younger, I was a fan of Jay Jay the Jet Plane(which is a show about talking airplanes) and (2) I think my Grover doll has feelings.) I found the odds pretty incredible that I would see this plane 800 miles away from home. I know I'm a dork. But I really liked those airplanes, dammit.
N92SK, aaawww

One of my co-workers told me that I couldn't go to Denver without getting a car. Please, watch me! I can go anywhere without getting a car. I am the QUEEN of not getting a car. Once again, I learned to never take travel advice from anyone who has only been to Florida, Las Vegas, and whatever random city they have a family member in. I found a nice Holiday Inn which was located in an industrial park, for a third of the price a downtown hotel. The hotel had complimentary shuttle service to and from the airport as well as anywhere in a five mile radius. It worked out perfectly. They didn't drop you off at any set location, just anywhere you wanted to go, and each of the drivers took a different route to get downtown, so I got to see different parts of the city.
Seriously, Cows on Parade is stalking me. Everywhere I've gone in the past five years had one at the time.
One thing I noticed about Denver is that they aren't really into grass there. A lot of the yards are just dirt. The yards that do have grass have yellow grass. Where we would have grass in Milwaukee, Denver has a lot of gravel, or sand. It's obviously because of the climate there, but some yards and courtyards had perfect green grass. If my dad lived in Denver, he would be the eccentric old man who had the only house on the block with a yard that had green grass, and I would yell at him constantly for wasting so much water.

Our first night in Denver we told the shuttle driver to take us to a central location, and he took us to the 16th Street Mall. The other people on the shuttle with us were all going to the Rockies game, so we got to see Coors Field on the way, and that was really cool.
Oh look, artsy steps.
I'd have loved to go to a game while I was there, but I didn't know if tickets were readily available, and I wasn't in the mood to look for a scalper if they weren't. I didn't want to go to a Rockies game that bad. I love baseball, but I wanted to explore the city more than I wanted to do that. Instead, we got dropped off on some random corner. We ate at a fancy establishment called Good Times. I'd never heard of this place before but from the looks of it I'm sure it was/is a chain. I'm not a food traveler. I'd love to be, especially because I am addicted to the Travel Channel, which for whatever reason seems to be more about food than travel anymore. But when I arrive in a new city my attitude is simple, do I really want to invest time and money into finding out if this is a good place? I'd really rather just eat a sandwich.
There were these crazy black helicopters flying around the city. I saw this on The X-Files!
I know they can make that fast! After that we walked up and down the "mall" (personally I'd just call it a street) and watched people and looked at stuff. Another thing about Denver is that there is a gigantic sculpture like every twenty yards. It was like Dunkin Donuts in Boston, or bars in Milwaukee. They don't just have a statue, everything is like 75 feet tall. One thing Trinity and I love to do is mock statues and take pictures. That quickly became a chore in Denver, because I had to move so far away from them in order to get the entire shot, you could barely tell that Trinity was mocking them at all. So we forged ahead, actually backwards, from whence we came, and called the shuttle to take us back, where we spent the evening swimming, watching TV, and eating vending machine snacks.
freak0ut says:
No, I just haven't gotten around to writing about the next days yet, haha.
Posted on: Jun 23, 2008
hancock826 says:
Were you just in Denver for one day?
Posted on: Jun 23, 2008
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N92SK, aaawww
N92SK, aaawww
Seriously, Cows on Parade is stalk…
Seriously, Cows on Parade is stal…
Oh look, artsy steps.
Oh look, artsy steps.
There were these crazy black helic…
There were these crazy black heli…
This giant sign was completely cov…
This giant sign was completely co…
Um yeah. Youve seen one Hard Rock…
Um yeah. You've seen one Hard Roc…
Not one, but five Giant Freaking B…
Not one, but five Giant Freaking …
OMG, this is so Western!
OMG, this is so Western!
This is me in the Western picture.…
This is me in the Western picture…
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