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Today is a short entry. It is late at night and I don't feel so hot.

2 days ago my sister and I walked 1.5 miles to the grocery store. A very pleasant walk. We shopped and called my mom to see if she needed anything. I ended up carrying back 2 grocery bags of bottled water.

Today, we replaced the battery in the motorhome. The truck battery (not the one the lights and refrigerator run off of but the one the radio and ignition runs off of) died. My dad meant to replace it before we left since it was the original battery, but never got around to it. It was a needed and not unexpected repair.

Unlike your car hood that opens fully to expose the engine and battery, the motorhome has a very small opening - approximately 12" by 48". Not very tall nor accessible to lift the over-sized, bulky battery.

I had to do this with my right arm only. This was my shoulder/side that I injured 2 years ago in a small motorcycle accident.

Today, we also went to the National Geographic Theatre for an iMax movie about the Grand Canyon - which by the way - was a phenomenal movie. Like Soarin' Over California at Disney but better.

Tonight, my right shoulder blade hurts. It hurts badly. Real stiff and a poking pain.

I'm going to take a bottle of Motrin and try to go to bed. But first, my sister and I are going to watch Top Gun.

"Attention Ghostrider, this is Maverick requesting a fly-by of the tower."

"Denied Maverick, my pattern is full."

You know what happens next.
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Grand Canyon
photo by: Sunflower300