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Entering Cades Cove, which is situated in a flat, "horseshoe" portion at the bottom of the Smoky Mountains.
DAY 10 (7/4/08)
8pm / 75 / Stormy!

Today we toured, by car and a little by foot, a preserved settlement of Cades Cove inside the Smoky Mountains. There were once over 300 permanent residents in the Cove (it gets its name because it is clear of trees and was suitable for farming and cattle raising, but it's not near a water cove). The preserved site was the site of the mill that turned grains into flour and also housed a blacksmith. The town was really cool and the majority of the buildings date back tot he 1840's and 1850's. During the Civil War, the Cove was largely abandoned as families moved away from the battle grounds, and closer to their family and as many of the men joined the Confederacy.

Besides this, today I was reminded of one of my mom's standby phrases - "Have you tried taking Tylenol yet?"

"I have a headache." - "Have you tried Tylenol?"

"Ouch. These bug bites are really annoying and itchy." - "Have you tried Tylenol?"

"I think I'm getting a cold." - "You should take some Tylenol."

"I think I have indigestion from that spicy food." - "Have you tried Tylenol?"

"The Dr. told me I have cancer." - "Better take some Tylenol."

Well, some are exaggerations, but apparently, everything can be cured with Tylenol. My headache from the curvy roads was not cured by Tylenol. A nap, however, helped significantly.

Oh, and Happ 4th! Inside the park, for obvious reasons, there were no fireworks. We celebrated with a soft serve ice cream.
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Entering Cades Cove, which is situ…
Entering Cades Cove, which is sit…
The settlement.  The white buildin…
The settlement. The white buildi…
This was restored in the 1970s an…
This was restored in the 1970's a…
Sluice or trough diverting water t…
Sluice or trough diverting water …
The mill.
The mill.
The boarding house.
The "boarding" house.
photo by: finnjf