Part 2: Directionally Challenged & Part 1: I need a shower.

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National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky

DAY 13 (7/7/08)
Nashville, TN to Brownsville, KY (Moutadier Park / Mammoth Caves National Park)

10pm / 83∞ / Rain

All my life I’ve been camping. Motorhomes to tents, camping was our form of vacation and recreation – the first time I stayed in a hotel I was 24.

All our trips were by car or RV – motorcycle riding in the desert from October to April, Spring Break in Yosemite Valley, trips to Yellowstone, house boating. All over the place.

Somehow, we always got to our destinations unscathed and without much – if any – delay. I always figured my dad had an outstanding internal compass, or always knew ahead of time how to get where we were going.

This trip, my dad’s compass was not functioning. His internal GPS, if you will, is out of battery power.
1963 Corvette which looks very similar to the 1966 my dad used to have ... except his was yellow.

We have not been lost per say, but always making many, MANY unnecessary twists and turns through major metropolitan centers, a multitude of highways and now we have thoroughly explored the backwoods of Kentucky. Literally.

I know, as well as my dad, that the top of ANY map is North. So when traveling, say, NORTH on a highway, why would you rotate a map? Or why utter the phrase, “this map must be wrong.”

No. That is not the case. Neither is, “Why is this map saying we’re going South when we’re on I-65 North?” (Because, you’re holding the map upside down.)

Today, we had a SHORT 100 mile drive from Nashville to Mammoth Caves, Kentucky. Should’ve taken less than 2 hours.

7 hours later – granted, we stopped at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY – we finally arrived at our campsite after one explosive yelling match and several hours traversing the backwoods of Kentucky.
1967 - one year older than his.

Now, we are finally situated and set up at a magnificent campsite in another Army Corps of Engineers campground (Moutadier) facing Nolin Lake, but it was not without significant trial.

Now, I am ready for bed. Tomorrow will be better.

P.S. – Here are some pictures I took last night before getting my sister at the airport. They’re of the Grand Ole Opry, which we couldn’t get close to because of some event. The complex the Opry is at now is gigantic. There is a hotel complex, the main performance hall (which replaced the much smaller, original, Ryman Theatre in downtown – but the Ryman is still used today and many “original” country stars still request that their Opry performances be held there), Opryland Ballroom and Theatre and a museum. All were basically closed off for some event.
Our first night at Mammoth Caves, Kentucky.
Darius Rucker (Hootie from Hootie and the Blowfish) was performing the next night, but I’m thinking it wasn’t for him…

PART 1: I need a shower.

This will be brief.

For everyone reading this, there will be 3 groups of people:

1 - Those who will be shocked by what I did.
2 - Those who may be shocked that I'm writing about it and don't understand why it matters to me.
3 - Those who don't care and wonder, "Why do I - or you for that matter - care?"

We left Yogi Bear Campground today and needed groceries.

Looking for somewhere acceptable that wasn't a local, very over-priced grocer, we made a stop.

Many of you know I show the documentary "The High Price of Low Cost" about Wal-Mart and how I've made a personal choice not to frequent this establishment because of it's business practices, treatment of employees and poor environmental actions.

Today, I shopped in a Wal-Mart Supercenter.

I need a shower.

But you don't understand - there was nothing else around! NOTHING. Wal-Mart had gobbled up any other choices. I swear.


But still, I am not proud of myself. And somehow, I'm bootlegging Internet from their store. At least I'm sticking it to them in that way.
Shawnjulian says:
Hi Jason. I am reading your blogs everyday. Did you receive my first comment with updates on Jared? Today he has 50 days CLEAN AND SOBER! I particularly love your Wal-Mart story as both boys shared that lesson from your Economics class. I loved the Jack Daniels trip, (especially your "mellowing out" photo) and the Deliverance reference...I'be be frightened too! Today I am having lunch with Tina, wish you here to join us, but you are creating memories to last a lifetime and giving your parents the greatest gift!
God Bless,
Shawn Julian
Posted on: Jul 08, 2008
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National Corvette Museum in Bowlin…
National Corvette Museum in Bowli…
1963 Corvette which looks very sim…
1963 Corvette which looks very si…
1967 - one year older than his.
1967 - one year older than his.
Our first night at Mammoth Caves, …
Our first night at Mammoth Caves,…
Another sunset picture.
Another sunset picture.
The (new) Grand Ole Opry, where on…
The (new) Grand Ole Opry, where o…
They wouldnt let me closer than t…
They wouldn't let me closer than …
This is so Kim knows what the fron…
This is so Kim knows what the fro…
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