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This section of cave, unlike our tour the day before, has more formations because water still flows in this cave whereas the section yesterday is dry. You need two things for rock formations like this to develop - slow water and time.
DAY 15 (7/9/08)
Mammoth Caves and Hodgensville, KY

10pm / 70∞ / sprinkling

With an early start today, we headed back to the caves to give it another shot. Today, we took the shortest, most introductory tour to the Frozen Niagara formation. My dad was able to complete this 1 mile hike and stair climb through the cave which was great.

Unlike our caving experience the day before, this cave had less history but more stalactite and stalagmite formations. Pillars, columns and flows of rock formation abounded and, with the high humidity outside, the 54∞ temperature inside was wonderful.

Now, many of you know, that I love kids. Babies, toddlers young ones – they’re great. Their sense of wonderment, the giggles and everything is great.

You know what annoys me about kids? Their parents.
The Frozen Niagara Formation.

Today, at the cave tour, the terrain and sights were PERFECT for kids of many ages. With proper supervision, 18 month old toddlers could have enjoyed many aspects of the tour. The Park Ranger had stories of the history, the animals and rock formations presented in a way that captivated kids and intrigued and humored adults.

Letting your 18 month old twins run wild through the tour near open gorges unaccompanied, screaming at the top of their lungs and touching million-year-old rock formations – not the best idea.

I think I have a fair understanding of the tribulations of parenting. I can’t empathize because, well, I haven’t been there before. Not yet anyway. (I can change a diaper, feed and upon occasion have even disciplined a small child appropriately.

But, I do have common sense. Letting young children run wildly through a crowd of people on slick, wet and dark terrain while you focus on taking pictures and hiking on your own doesn’t scream “parent of the year” to me. Well, I shouldn’t talk, maybe these parents know something I don’t.

Anyway, the kids – by no fault of their own – caused many angry looks from the group. The Park Ranger should be given a medal of honor and definitely should be a teacher. He had more patience than I think any one person I know.

After the tour of the caves, we drove an hour North to Hodgensville, Kentucky to see the birthplace and monument to Abraham Lincoln. The original log cabin has been preserved and was purchased by the National Park Service in 1908 and in 1909 Teddy Roosevelt commissioned the construction of a protective building over the cabin to preserve it in perpetuity.
A family photo! I said, "Let's hug in this shot" but unfortunately my parents must have heard "this is a mug shot."
The Sinking Spring where Abe took his first drink of water is still there too.

10 miles East is the childhood home of Lincoln where he lived from 2 to 13 before moving to Indiana and finally to Illinois with his sister Sarah and his parents Tom and Nancy.

After a day of spelunking and Abe Lincoln, we made our way back to the camp, but not before stopping at Dollar General for 4 more tubes of Pringles Extreme: Screamin’ Dill Pickle chips.

I BBQ’d tri-tip tonight while my sister made mashed potatoes, steamed brussel sprouts and asparagus for dinner. It was a good day.

Tomorrow, we head for St. Louis, Missouri!

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This section of cave, unlike our t…
This section of cave, unlike our …
The Frozen Niagara Formation.
The Frozen Niagara Formation.
A family photo!  I said, Lets hu…
A family photo! I said, "Let's h…
Monument protecting Lincolns boyh…
Monument protecting Lincoln's boy…
The cabin = 16 x 18
The cabin = 16' x 18'
Cornerstone laid by Teddy Roosevel…
Cornerstone laid by Teddy Rooseve…
Walkway to Sinking Spring, where L…
Walkway to Sinking Spring, where …
Sinking Spring.
Sinking Spring.
Short story about Lincolns boyhoo…
Short story about Lincoln's boyho…
Cabin property.
Cabin property.
Mammoth Cave
photo by: WaltJake