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Before leaving on this trip, my friend Jeannine suggested that I got to a Cracker Barrel Country Store and Restaurant. Specifically suggesting I go to one in Tennessee.

Now, I knew why I needed to see the type of person who frequents the Cracker Barrel. 3 years ago I went to a conference at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln which drew a crowd from across the nation.

At this gathering, I noticed there was a stereotype of the teachers who were from Tennessee.

If you're going to be offended by me being brutally honest, you may want to stop reading.

This group of 6 teachers from across the state of Tennessee became fast friends. Makes sense. I gravitated towards people in their 20's who wanted to enjoy the complimentary beer each night. Birds of a feather...

Anyway, these Tennessee teachers at this conference were, um, large? I'm big. I get it. A dr. once told me I need to lose 155 lbs. So, yeah, I guess I'm the same as these teachers.

Every meal of every day at this conference was a buffet. And not the gross type with food you wouldn't eat. It was a buffet of Your Last Meal On Earth food. Very, very good.

It also had sensible options: things without sauces, baked, whole grains, etc. Boring food.

I attempted to make 75% good food choices with 25% fun choices.

One day at breakfast I was enjoying oatmeal, coffee and turkey sausage. Sensible day for me.

The Tennessee people?

Grits with butter. Tall stack of pancakes. Bacon with a topping of bacon. Pepsi.

When they were done with their tray of food, 4 of them grabbed a foil-wrapped pat of butter and Knott's Berry Farm jelly packet ... and a spoon.

They scooped out the butter and the jelly onto the spoon and ate it. No bread. No toast. No muffin. No nothing.

Butter & jam on a spoon.

I think this contributed to their current weight situation.


I knew the likely patron of Cracker Barrel was this type of person.

I was surprised in several areas:

There is an actual "country" store at the entrance of each Cracker Barrel. They sell really old time candies, sodas and housewares. It's kinda cool. I bought a Sugar Daddy and an Abazaba. Mmmmmm.

The food is COUNTRY. Fried. Gravy. Biscuits. Etc.

The crowd? Well, in St. Louis, it was the "eat dinner at 3:30pm crowd." Golden Oldies.

But, the food was good. And they're having a contest. If you collect all the specific game pieces, you can win $1,000,000 or a new motorhome. We obviously had to play.

Anyway, we also drove a bit today so the Cracker Barrel was a welcomed pit stop. Tomorrow, we enter and enjoy St. Louis, Missouri.
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