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DAY 3 (6/27/08)
Tucumcari, NM to Henryetta, OK (birthplace of Troy Aikman!)

7:15pm / 99∞ / HUMID and still

Today was a day filled with driving. As we progress east, gas prices continue to drop - $3.75/gal. - here in eastern Oklahoma. We’re only a few hours away from our first sight-seeing destination of Little Rock, Arkansas. After 3 consecutive days of 450+ miles of driving, I don’t know how long-haul truckers do it – so monotonous. Not only am I rockin’ a severe farmers tan from sitting in the gigantic greenhouse known as the front of the motorhome, but I’m TIRED. Today was especially windy and that, combined with constant construction along I-40 made for a taxing day maneuvering 50’ of RV and tow-car. But we covered a lot of mileage and are closer to days with no driving at all!

What surprised me the most about today was that both Texas and New Mexico looked nothing like I thought they would. I envisioned flat, dusty and boring. This may have been the case during the 1920’s and the Dust Bowl, but now it’s all green! Green grasses everywhere and the highway is impeccably clean and free of trash throughout Texas – we have Lady Bird Johnson to thank for this who, in her post-First Lady years, made Texas highway beautification her main cause. This cleanliness carries throughout Oklahoma too. The main differences from Oklahoma to Texas were the addition of rolling hills, lots and lots of trees and WIND. Just like in the song, “Oklahoma!”, the wind really does come sweeping down the plains.

Oklahoma is also home to several celebrities, as indicated by their respective town’s entrance signs:

Oklahoma City = Garth Brooks
Henryetta = Troy Aikman
Choctah = Carrie Underwood

And, as I sit here typing this, the sky has opened up and there is so much rain that I cannot see the RV next to us. Well, let me clarify. The RV next to us is obscured by the rain. The lightening, however, is lighting up the rest of the Henryetta RV Park like its mid-afternoon. I use RV Park loosely – it’s half short-term residents (like us) and half long term residents … very long term. Some are dilapidated RV’s that have weeds growing around them and others are rural mansions (a.k.a. mobile homes). Some people have taken to starting businesses here in the park. One gentleman sells insurance for autos AND mobile homes, another house boasts homemade crafts and yet another is raising Chihuahuas. And the teenager who took our $25 for the night and runs the place with his parents, answered the door in boxers with no shirt on. He was very nice and even drove his golf cart out to our site to give us change and introduce us to his new puppy – a Chihuahua named Popeye.

As the thunder and lightening get closer, the rain more plentiful, the power flickers off and on, and the wind becomes very strong, I begin to wonder –

“What are the warning signs of a tornado?!”

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