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Originally I was just planning to see only a bit of Dublin before heading back to the airport, but after I got on with Derek so well in Paris, I was excited when he said that would be able to show me around his home city....

We jumped on the Airlink Bus, Derek explained to me all the new construction that is going on in Dublin, the expansion projects that were not there before.  We got off the bus, I saw the  Dublin Spire, a HUGE spike that replaced the Nelson Column, which was blown up by the IRA. I didn't know much about Irish history so I was honored to learn a little bit, a synapsis if you will of the Irish fight for Independence.  I always want to hear stories from people about their country because you can really feel the pride come out in the stories and this case was no different.

The free pints we got at the end of the tour
  When we were in Dublin Castle and inside the Changeover Courtyard, I was moved to see Derek's passion about his land when telling the story of Michael Collins coming through the gates and the moment that was officially free.  Those are the moments that want to hear about, but not from TV shows or books, but from people themselves!

Derek was just as interested in visiting the Guinness Brewery as I was since he never went on a proper tour.  As we were standing in the queue, the cashier would ask every customer as they approached her where they were from and you would hear England, Spain, France, amd USA... I told Derek imagine what reaction would the cashier have when Derek says that lives 5 MINUTES AWAY!!!

The Brewery has many levels, the first few you are just learning about the ingredients and protocol, a few more levels full of old commercials.

.. Halfway up the building you do get a little taste of Guiness (they tease you haha). You receive a free pint of Guinness upon completion of the tour an you can see when walking upstairs people are just thinking ' where is my damn beer???  Once you get up to the Gravity Bar you get to enjoy your free pint while taking in the 360 degree view of Dublin.

Its a good thing that Derek was with me because I can't tell the difference between dodgy streets and safe streets lol... There was a couple maybe 50m away from us taking photos of the Guiness Brewery and Derek says to me, "Those two are lucky they aren't shot!"

We walked past the Christ Church and St Patricks Cathedral, then to Grafton Street, which is the main shopping street in Dublin.

  We both haven't eaten during the day and Derek asked me if I wanted to go to a classy place, Sinnotts Bar, where he would go with his friends which has 3 DIFFERENT TYPES OF POTATOES!!! Or to some place with burger and fries...hmmmm Ofcourse I chose the first one, I think it was the chance to eat 3 different types of potatoes at once lol...  We got to Sinnott's Bar, a very nice place, with huge TV's and full of people.  The food was great :)

We then strolled through St. Stephens Green Park chatting just like we did the past 4 days about everything under the sun, even throwing around ideas for future trips :) Iceland anyone???

Derek told me about the famous, well maybe infamous pub crawl in Dublin, the 12 Pubs of Christmas.... next time in Dublin I have to do that! We were cutting it close with time, we quickly headed over to Trinity College, passed by Temple Bar and Ha'Penny Bridge before I had to say goodbye to my Irish friend and head home to the airport. It was a privilege to have Derek show me around his city, explain his history, taste the local food, but most of all just to hang out with my new friend.  We have only known eachother for 5 days but feels alot longer buddy... Till next time :)


derekbilldaly says:
Nice blog, thanks so much for all the kind words, so happy that you had funny, its gonna be so much better the next time I promise!!
Bring on the 12 pubs!!
Posted on: Jul 21, 2008
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The free pints we got at the end o…
The free pints we got at the end …
Damn they start kids young on the …
Damn they start kids young on the…
Gate leading to Changeover Courtya…
Gate leading to Changeover Courty…
Main Shopping street
Main Shopping street
Very good choice
Very good choice
What do they sell here???
What do they sell here???
Trinity College
Trinity College
Guinness Barels hmmm can I take on…
Guinness Barels hmmm can I take o…
Guinness makes you stronger :)
Guinness makes you stronger :)
The awesome view of Dublin from th…
The awesome view of Dublin from t…
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