My date with Kalashnikov AK 47, and other weapons... emptying clip after clip in Katowice

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Yesterday I have reserved the "ultra" package to shoot AK 47 Russian assault weapon, and other hanguns through a third party and here is what I knew:

 The cost, the fact that I will be picked up at exactly 11 in the morning in a "black car"... THATS IT NOTHING ELSE!!!

Come to think of it, being hungover is not the best state to be in when you are about to operate automatic weapons :)

So exactly @ 11 am I get a call that there is a black car downstairs, I come down... A dogdy man gets out of the drivers side and motions to me to get in, OK... As soon as I get in the car, I am given a DVD player which in detail shows me how to operate all the weapons I will be using that day.  I feel this is straight out of a video game or movie lol.

.. Am I being hired to KILL SOMEONE, is that it??? We drive, and drive, and drive, and after an hour I begin to think, Is this guy going to KILL ME!!! and dump me in any of the dozens of run down polish farm houses that we have passed by??? No one will know where I am or who picked me up :(

We reach Katowice, another polish city, which made me feel a bit better.  We pass through a military style checkpoint, which made me feel worse lol... We get to the shooting range and pull up. The guy tells me to get out of the car and get into the building. After waiting for 20 min, a kid who couldn't have been older than 13 and maybe 5 ft tall comes out and starts bringing out the guns and ammunition from the gun vault.  The kid, Victor, takes out a handgun and begins to go tell me how to use the gun and technique, with the help of an interpreter whos english is as good as my polish haha

First I payed for the ammunition to 5 different weapons, handgun, uzi, AK 47 Kalashnikov, magnum, and German WWII luger.

A) The handgun felt a bit weird at first but I did well... After changing handguns a few times i got more comfortable with the bereta :) 

B) Here comes the uzi, equiped with a shoulder support, but after the kick that it provides, it is not much of a support lol

C) The shotgun is next, first shot I aim and fire... RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE BULLSEYE!!! Victor is impressed :)))

D) Now the AK 47 Kalashnikov weapon, the pride of Soviet soldiers over history, I had 30 shots and ALL 30 hit the target from 25m away, what can I say its in my Soviet blood haha

E) The magnum comes next, and if I did well with Kalashnikov, I did the opposite with the magnum, I am no Dirty Harry...

F) I also tried a German WWII Luger, which after all the other handguns felt like a pellot gun in my hand shooting these tiny bullets

The result after a few hours of firing weapons is:

(1) a room smelling of gun powder and (2) HUGE bruise on my shoulder/chest where the shoulder "support" went lol. 

This was a great experience!

jefrois says:
Sorry just Krakow and Auschwitz... and passing thru Katowice to the shooting range lol
Posted on: Jul 27, 2008
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