Vasa Museet, Gamla Stan(Old Town), Royal Band playing 'YMCA' wtf???

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After a night of drinking, I woke up later than I was supposed (what a shocker).  My goal for the day was to see Gamla Stan(Old City) and Vasa Museet, the Swedish vessel that sank in 1628, they found it after 300 years underwater...

Old Town is gorgeous, very well kept up and really gives off a feeling you are more in Eastern Europe than Scandinavia (mostly because the other countries are no comparison to Stockholm). Daniel, Max, and I went to the Royal Palace and got there just in time for the changing of the guard.  Now I know that alot of tourists find it interesting but I find it boring and a complete waste of personnel and years of training.  So after the guards do their little dance or whatever and the Royal Band plays the national anthem, we are about to leave when we all of a sudden hear something awful.

Gamla Stan (Old Town)
.. The Swedish Royal Band is playing "YMCA" for the tourists, EEWWW! I completely lost any respect for those guys.

Ok now to the Vasa Museet, it was the highlight of my day, the ship is amazingly over 95% original!!! The ship is in great detail and its just amazing to see something like this upclose.  Apparently the ship never even left the harbor for its maiden voyage, it was too heavy and sank in the harbor (atleast Titanic was an accident, this was just a screw up by the designer lol) But you still marvel at its size and beauty :) 

You can view the ship from many levels, up high, and even walk right next to the bottom of the ship.  The creepy part is that when raising the ship out of the water, they did discover over 20 bodies of the crew and decided to put the bones on display RIGHT NEXT TO THE SHIP!


jefrois says:
walking thru the catacombs in paris was pretty creepy, touching french skulls was very weird
Posted on: Jul 27, 2008
martinezsmi says:
more bones on display only in europe saw bone church in prague its really odd that and walking on human dust in the crematorium in dachua germany why do they do that yuck
Posted on: Jul 27, 2008
BMatital says:
He Jeff,
Nice trip! I will read your whole story when I am back in NL...
Posted on: Jul 24, 2008
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Gamla Stan (Old Town)
Gamla Stan (Old Town)
Mindless exercise... the cannons a…
Mindless exercise... the cannons …
Did they really have to play YMCA…
Did they really have to play "YMC…
Vasamuseet it was amazing!
Vasamuseet it was amazing!
Royal Palace
Royal Palace
photo by: Chokk