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The Clay Statue gets home in one piece :)

Those that thought Slovakia is cheap are correct it is for the most part, but I found a way to make it quite expensive lol... I try to buy a funny, artsy souvenir if I can find one that symbolizes the location where it is from and reminds me of the time I was in the specific country.  I had such a good time in Slovakia that photos were not enough.  Passing by a souvenir stand I saw this clay statue holding the Slovakian Coat of Arms that I wanted but the souvenir shop was closed so Martin agreed to buy it for me, and I would meet him to pick it up from Vienna.  Great! the train from Vienna to Bratislava is only one hour away :)

Since I was in Vienna during the work week, Martin could only meet me before work, so I would take the first train out, at 5:30 am, meet him in central station in center of town, get the gift then go to Vienna, very simple! Well, I oversleep and miss the first train, curva!!! and I find out the train goes to a different train station in Bratislava which is NO WHERE NEAR CENTER at Petralka Station!!!  Martin thinks on his feet and gives me instructions, "Meet me in the Racianske Myto in front of the Chinese Restaurant @ 7:30, tell the taxi driver Racianke Myto" (This is how drug deals are organized lol)

So I get to the Petralka Station way the fuck out of the center, see a group of taxi drivers and tell them I want to go to Racianske Myto in my combination of broken Slovak/Russian, and the taxi ride ends up costing me 10Euro!

So picture this Martin is standing there in a random park in Bratislava @ 7:30 am waiting to hand a little bag wrapped in newspaper to a foreigner in a hoodie, its a good thing that there was no cops because I could imagine us getting busted, cops yelling "WHERE ARE THE DRUGS!!!" Doubt they would believe that it is a little clay statue in the bag lol... Getting stuck in a Slovakian prison over a clay statue is just comical :)

So in total statue 5Euro, roundtrip ticket 10Euro, taxi ride 10Euro, stuff like that just happens to me haha

But that you so much to Martin, hope he wasn´t too late for work that day



martinezsmi says:
might have been cheaper to have UPS deliver lol
Posted on: Jul 27, 2008
lauro says:
hahahah hahahahahah hahahahaahaha!!!!!
Posted on: Jul 26, 2008
skydiver says:
That's actually a little miracle, haha.
Posted on: Jul 21, 2008
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The Clay Statue gets home in one p…
The Clay Statue gets home in one …
photo by: Vagabondatheart