Bastille Day and Lori's Birthday!!!

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Group shot :)

Lori planned to get up at the crack of dawn, 7am and go see the Bastille Day parade since she mised it the previous year.  After all the partying the night before we all knew that was not going to happen... A bunch of us ended up going to the cemetery and visiting famous peoples' graves.  Most people who go to this grave end up visiting Jim Morrison's grave, and you would think that it would be someting special, something worth looking at.  You would be wrong! When first seeing the grave, all you see is an average tombstone, and basically that is it. Some visitors leave cigarettes, cards, and other things but overall not impressive at all.  Other famous people that reside at this cemetery are Edith Plaf, Oscar Wilde, and Chopin...

The fireworks were awesome!!!
Of all the people mentioned the one with the best stone is Chopin, having fresh flowers, his music playing in the bachground.  Apparently fans of Oscar Wilde don't follow the rules and decide to grafiti the grave, even if there is a blaten sign saying that those sorts of actions are illegal.

We shop for some food, fruit, and make sadwiches at the hotel before heading to the park in front of Eiffel Tower to party the night away.  We find a nice area for all of us to fit in, damn the french show up early for the festivities.  I got to say that the musical line up was awful, mostly songs that the local ground wasn't interested in seeing, very few acts got the party going and far in between. But James Blunts' performance made Bondy and Dereks' day, they love him so much lol

The highlight of the night was the firework show, which started at around 11pm... The lights go down, and the fireworks start, you then hear a chant, "Aci,Aci,AcI!" Al of a sudden, thousands' of people all sit down so that everyone has a great view.  The fireworks show lasted about 25 minutes and was the best firewokrs show ever.


hannah-lou says:
Dont forget that his grave his boring but a good shape to have sex on ... hence the 24hr guard. Hehe.
Posted on: Mar 03, 2009
derekbilldaly says:
Dude, I already ordered the two of us the tickets to Blunty's next gig!! Such a god damn genius!!
Posted on: Jul 22, 2008
jefrois says:
Admit it Bondy you are a James Blunt groupie :D
Posted on: Jul 21, 2008
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Group shot :)
Group shot :)
The fireworks were awesome!!!
The fireworks were awesome!!!
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Jim Morrison's Tomb, thought it w…
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They ask not to deface the tomb, …
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Hannah, Lori, and Ruby relaxing i…
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Me and Lori
Video of Bastille Day 2008
photo by: Sweetski