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After weeks of planning destinations, reserving tickets, hostels, and contacting friends and other TB's my crazy European Adventure is here!!! Here is a breakdown of the details of my trip:

11 Countries

14 Cities

11 Flights

2 Overnight Bus Trips on Eurolines Polska (eekkk)


Now some of you (my parents) think its a bit nuts to take on so much at once, but I can't be happier and can't wait to set foot on European soil again...

Now whenever I make cross Atlantic flights, I somehow always end up going through weird adventures and this trip was no different... I was picked as a guinea pig for some new full body scanner at New York's JFK airport so I had the "pleasure" of being scanned by all these lasers, which they assured me were perfectly safe ( hmmm don't know if I trust them). After having a "Total Recall" moment and retreaving my stuff it was off to London. 

Now most of the time I get the cheapest airline tickets I can find for flights, but this time I had no choice but to book the "premium" tix on Zoom Airlines, which was awesome because I was waited on hand and foot: free pillows, soft drinks, alcohol I COULD GET USED TO THIS!!! (Do I get a massage too? Lol I am getting greedy :)

I missed snack service and as I get to my seat the flight attendant RUSHES OVER to bring me my snack, "do you want anything else sir" with a smile she asks :) Bring on the wine I say!... MOMENTS AFTER, a guy literally 2 seats behind me asks for a pillow/blanket, "That will be 3 Euro sir, its only free for premium ticket holders", the flight attendant tells him, as the smile disappears and is replaced by a steely stare. CLASSIC!

Our flight was operated by Air Finland and besides having the sexiest flight attendants around their pilots are hilarious :) We are staying in the queue waiting to take off on the landing strip when we hear the captain say, "We are about 17 planes back in the queue, it will be awhile before we take off", OK I GUESS WE WAIT... Suddenly the plane starts accelerating forward and 1 minute later the captain utters, "we were able to take a short cut and skipped 15 planes, we are next to take off!" HAHA What exactly is a SHORT CUT??? I bet all the other pilots LOVE this guy lol... awesome start to my trip!


jefrois says:
Glad my trip inspires you Richard, Happy Travels :)
Posted on: Aug 02, 2008
rgriffs says:
This blog has influenced me to go on my own European adventure in 2009! Hopefully i will have the balls to go through with it! Cheers.
Posted on: Aug 02, 2008
jefrois says:
Personally I prefer international airlines, mostly because i find that the employees tend to be better payed and happier when doing their jobs... Also, international planes tend to be never and have better food and entertainment options like personal tv's... But that is just mine opinion
Posted on: Jul 27, 2008
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