Woohoo... the day is finally here.... I'm leaving on a jet plane...

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The day was finally here, the day I was leaving for Turkey and what happened, I woke up with a massive headache, ugh.  Could it have been the beers and drinks I had the night before and the lack of a good night's sleep? Maybe.  (kind of would become a common theme in my trip now that I look back upon it, oops, oh well, live and learn)

At least this time I did something right, I did not work a full day before going to the airport. I learned that the hard way when I went to Morocco last October. This time I decided to take the whole day off and leave from home. Good thing, since I had still had some last-minute packing to do. My flight was not until 4:00 pm, so I had plenty of time.  Well before I knew it, it was time for my car to pick me up to take me to the airport. After writing down some last-minute instructions for my son regarding feeding the dog and turtle, etc., I grabbed my bags, got into the car that was waiting for me downstairs and was off to the airport. I arrived at the airport at about 1:30 and could not believe how &%** long the line was at the Delta International counters. Damn, glad I arrived early, especially since there were only 3 agents working.  I can't believe I was on that line from about 1:30 until about 3:15. People kept coming at the last minute, so the people from Delta had to take them first and then run them to their gates before the doors closed and they missed their flights. I mean come on, they always say get to the airport early for a reason. Then we also had the people who kept bringing way too much luggage and luggage that was overweight and when they were told they had to pay extra, they all acted so surprised like it was the first time they were hearing what the luggage restrictions/policy was. But the one that beat them all was this one woman who had to first pay for extra luggage, then pay for one that was way over the weight limit then when she got to the gate, they noticed she had all liquid items in her carryon. When she was told that she could not take that on board as a carryon and she had to pay again for extra luggage to check it in, she llooked at them like they had two heads and could not understand why. She said she never heard about the restrictions regarding carrying liquids on the plane. Ughhh...

But, finally, after all that, I was on board my flight and on my way to Istanbul.


lauro says:
ill get back to it when i am at home ^_^
Posted on: Aug 23, 2008
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