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@ Fushimi Inari

Felt like doing something touristy and since the weather was perfect (sunny but not too hot, a bit windy) I grabbed my camera, a map (don`t know why, since navigating around the city is so ridiculously easy! oh and Kyoto isn`t as big as it seems too), bought a bus pass for the whole day (only 500Y!) and I was on my way to see all the temples and shrines mentioned in every guidebook.

Stop 1: Fushimi-inari Shrine(伏見稲荷)
Yeah, that`s the one where they did some scenes for "Memories of geisha" movie. Personally, one of my favorites, just in the middle of the forest and hills. You feel secluded but strongly connected with nature at the same time. Very spiritual! And you can always get off the main path with all the gates and see a squirrel or a cat with one eye blue and one eye green :)

Stop 2: Kiyomizu-dera Temple(清水寺)
Quite ok. I saw a girl dressed as a maiko-san, but I`m sure she was fake.

Stop 3: The Heian Shrine (平安神宮)
Such a nice place, with a neat park just beside it.

@ Yasaka jinja
I was lucky enough to see a real priest who performed a cleansing ceremony on some woman and than they both offered food to the Gods. It felt magical when suddenly a very strong wind blew while the priest was reading some ancient prayers. Too many Chinese tourists!

Stop 4: Ginkakuji Temple(銀閣寺)
Instead of getting inside I`d recommend taking a long walk around the whole place, there are lots and lots of little shrines and temples not so crowded and popular.

Stop 5: Kinkakuji Temple(金閣寺
Impressive, have to admit! Makes you think how the hell did it last for so many ages?

Stop 7: Yasaka Shrine(八坂神社) and the whole lovely Gion (祇園 ~ merely a garden^^) district
Oh my gosh! My favorite! So many fabulous little altars and the most beautiful architecture in the whole city I guess! One girl who passed my on the street said I`m kawaii ^.
@ Kinkakuji
^ And I think I saw a real geiko-san too! I already can`t wait for the famous Gion festival, it will fantastic! I strongly recommend visiting this place in the evening! Met a couple from Korea who just got married and were taking photos on their honeymoon, so sweet :) And finally understood what`s with all the walking around in circles through a ring!

Unfortunately I didn`t manage to take a walk around the Nishi-honganji Temple(西本願寺) or Higashi-honganji Temple(東本願寺) , apparently they close the gates at 6PM and that was all I got to see :P Have to get back there when I`ll do a whole day crazy museum-marathon!
It was optimistic to see parents learning their children how to behave in a sacred place and young girls dressed in traditional kimonos while visiting temples and shrines.
I am certain that the tradition won`t die and this fine culture will be continued by future generations.
Have to say that if I were ever to get spiritual - it would have to be in Japan :)
All in all - a fabulous day! Hope I will be able to walk tomorrow, for now I can`t feel my legs... I`m so exhausted but it was all totally worth it! I feel like I took a bunch of antidepressants and another bunch of energy pills.

A map: (watch the blue points)

Sunflower300 says:
I love the way you write. :)
I'm glad you enjoyed you time here.
Posted on: Sep 18, 2008
YantiSoeparno says:
Hi Agi, how do you like Kyoto? I love Kyoto even I only stayed several days there.
Posted on: Jul 12, 2008
Aquedita says:
Oh yeah? Well, I guess that proves my history teacher right, `cause he said that Kyoto has it`s charm and everybody will fall under it`s spell :)
Posted on: Jul 08, 2008
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@ Fushimi Inari
@ Fushimi Inari
@ Yasaka jinja
@ Yasaka jinja
@ Kinkakuji
@ Kinkakuji
on the way to Kiyomizudera
on the way to Kiyomizudera
only in Japan will you see Minnie …
only in Japan will you see Minnie…
an altar dedicated to Ame no uzume…
an altar dedicated to Ame no uzum…
photo by: ys484