I survived one night in Frankfurt and I loved it :)

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I'm kind of proud of this photo.
What a night! Just my luck, last night was the BIG GAME! Germany-Turkey, Euro Champinship 2008 semi finals. When I first got out of the main train station I got really stressed out seeing German supporters walking one side of the street and Turkish supporters walking the other. I thought: "Oh this might end really bad...Bloody massacre!" But guess what, nothing ever happened! The people were celebrating Germany's victory together, even though they were drunk :P I don' know how but I found myself on Götheplatz with a bunch of supporters (both German and Turkish!) and had no idea how to get out for about 15 minutes (actually it was the policeman's fault, he gave me wrong directions) but somehow I managed to squeeze my way through XD
When I was going back to the hostel late at night the streets were atrociously loud (in a good way), people dancing and singing, cars passing by just honking for no reason to total strangers.
a view from Alter Brucke (the Old Bridge)
The atmosphere was awesome, and I'm not even a football fan. Of course, there had to be a party back at the hostel's pub. I didn't get as much sleep as I hoped for...

I loved the city, so... civilized (comparing to Poland :P) Nice people speaking English and willing to help, cool trams and lots of bikes, quite green, even in the city center. Damn, I haven't even left the place and I want to get back here already! I guess I will never forget the magnificent view at city center from Eiserner Bridge at night, absolutely gorgeous! It took me a while to take the whole beautiful scenery in. Don't even remember when was the last time I took such a long walk around the city center but it was totally worth it! My feet are kind of killing me today.

And now I will head off to explore the other side of the river. From what I see there are a lot of nice restaurants, cuisines from all over the world. Wonder if my rusty German will manage to buy me some food and water :P

Have no idea why no TravBuddy from Frankfurt wanted to meet up, what's up with you people? :P

reikunboy says:
sounds like your having fun
Posted on: Jun 26, 2008
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Im kind of proud of this photo.
I'm kind of proud of this photo.
a view from Alter Brucke (the Old …
a view from Alter Brucke (the Old…
In case someone would be intereste…
In case someone would be interest…
Alte Oper (The Old Operahouse) - a…
Alte Oper (The Old Operahouse) - …
Goethes Museum
Goethe's Museum
somewhere in Altstadt
somewhere in Altstadt
at the Market Square, after dark
at the Market Square, after dark
der Dom (the Cathedral)
der Dom (the Cathedral)
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