Rock star for the night and Gion omatsuri! Yupi!

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Oh my gosh, how much fun did I have?!
I'm finally back to the previous place, feels good. So many things to write, where should I even start?

So basically the only bright side of staying at Green Peace was meeting this guy called Sasuke aka Robin. He's kind of a male version of myself. He's Swedish and we became drinking mates! Thanks to him not only did I got the chance to make up for over 2 weeks of abstinence but also I can cross out one of the things of my list, but let me tell you the whole story piece by piece...

Yesterday around midnight Sasuke came back to the hostel, already a bit drunk. We went out just for a short walk and somehow ended up in a karaoke bar, singing all available songs by Marilyn Manson (Sasuke's favorite singer) and ordering nomihodai for 90min. We got so drunk, that I couldn't resist dancing on the table to Sean Paul (it wasn't that easy, I was seriously afraid I might fall down, 'cause the whole thing was jiggling the whole time!) and Sasuke turned into a real rock star! Hahaha, he should start a band, I would be their number one fan! :D

Anyhow, after I finally managed to drag Sasuke to buy some food in a kombini opened 24/7 and got us back to our place we were sure the manager is already out so we were talking in Sasuke's room. Apparently we didn't realize how loud we were cause in a moment the manager paid us a visit telling us to keep it down or she'll kick us out first thing in the morning. Somehow we managed to apologize to her in our poor drunk Japanese and stayed up until 4 o'clock just talking about stuff... We agreed we have to do that again next week! Surprisingly our voices weren't that bad in the morning, lucky us :)

The next day I was moving out anyway so had to get up really early (8 o'clock god-damn-it!), packed my things, said bye to Sasuke and was on my way here. We agreed to meet up later in the evening with Sasuke to see the Gion Festival. We had such bad luck, the rain was pouring down every half an hour, we were soaking wet! But it was hilarious that other people thought we were a couple, since we walking under one umbrella - this one woman almost forced Sasuke to buy me a really cute yukata so I had to save him :P
In the late evening Sasuke decided he wants to drink. Again. But since he had almost no money on him, I did the best deal of my life! I offered to buy him alcohol for this evening if he promise to quit smoking. He agreed, so now I'll have to keep an eye on him. So I had a shot of tequila for the first time in my life! Good stuff! It was fun!

I'll probably be ill tomorrow, because I was freezing for most of the night. But it was all worth it anyway!


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photo by: ys484