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Maybe I should start the whole story from the end... Right now it`s about 3am and I`m staying at an internet cafe for next 3 hours. Yes, I missed the last subway `cause I was having too much fun with all the TravBuddies :D

Arrived to Osaka late in the afternoon, checked in my hotel and got ready for the BIG NIGHT!
Of course I had to get lost in the Umeda station, why does it have to be so freakin` huge? Aaaah, too many shops and stuff! When I finally found the gate I was suppose to go out I asked this one guy did he know where the address I was looking for was. Even though he didn`t know and probably was in a hurry to catch the subway, he was kind enough to actually call the izakaya, ask for directions and escort me to the main entrance. That was so sweet of him and I really tried to be as nice as possible and talk to him in my best Japanese but when I saw the busy streets of Umeda at night (Kyoto is nothing compared to it! I honestly felt like I just came to the big city from the countryside!) it was quite hard to keep my focus.

Finally got to the place and who was the first person I saw? YASUYO! :D We screamed and hugged each other (forget whatever you hear about Japanese keeping distance and not willing to interact, that was a totally different case). She looked sooo cute in her yukata (her sister and daughter were sweet too!), even better than in the pictures on her TB profile. In a while Gloria, Chris and the rest of the gang showed up (aparently they were waiting for ME downstairs, ups!) so we were good to get the party started.

After the first toast we dig in all the food. Good stuff: yaki soba, maki tamago, salads, fried and baked vegetables, yummy! And of course delicious ram&coke through the whole evening:) So we got talking with Yasuyo and Eiko, they were so kind not to make fun of my poor Japanese. And then Chris showed up, we get talking and all of the sudden he goes: "Hey, why are we talking in Japanese?" Gomen ne ^^`
Eriko and Rie were nice enough to keep an eye on my food (since I`m vegetarian I stay away from meat). And it was so sweet to hear from Rie (cool hat by the way) that I have beautiful eyes. And Eriko was very generous when she shared her chocolate cake desert with me (man, I forgot to order a desert!)

My stomach was so full, so when we got kicked out we decided to drink more. Sure, why not, those 6 or 7 glasses of rum&coke (not sure how much did I drank, lost count) didn`t do the trick yet ;) We stopped by an Irish pub and I had a Red Bull&vodka. We got talking and it was so nice. All of the sudden I say that I`ll probably have to get going soon but when I look at the clock it turns out that the last subway is already gone and my hotel is locked out! Oh, what a pitty. So we hang out with the TravBuddies until 2AM (that`s when the pub was actually closing) and then me and 2 other guys found an internet cafe where we slept for 3h. Well actually, I didn`t sleep - too much caffeine - tried watching a Korean movie with subs in Japanese but gave up after 20 min :P

Ok, so going back to the main MeetUp story... A shame I did not get the chance to actually talk to all the people... But anyway it felt so good and right to hang out with you guys, thank you all for a lovely evening, hope we`ll meet again this summer! This was my first TB MeetUp but definitely not the last one! I feel bad I can`t join you all next year for cherry blossom party :( I will miss you all!


PS.Come to think of it, considering how many adventures in Japan I had by now, I seriously believe I have more luck than common sense :P

Sunflower300 says:
It sounds like a good night. Lucky for you there was a 24 hour internet cafe.
Fantastic blog Agi. I'm looking forward to seeing the photos if you took any. :)
Posted on: Sep 18, 2008
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photo by: yasuyo