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Basicaly, I`m screwed for a couple of next days... Had to get out of my friend`s apartment for a while since he has to do some renovations. And since he claimed that he doesn`t need my help the least I could do for him was to get out of his way for some time. We do get along so well, we`ve hit it off from the first night when we stayed up talking until 5AM and it turnes out that we have a lot in common eventhough we come from such distant countries (Oliver is Brazilian btw).

So the cheapest place I could find was this thing which was suppose to be a dorm in the north of the city, totally away from any civilization. I definately wouldn`t recomend it (read the review below). It doesn`t fell good to be here and can`t wait to get back to Oliver`s place. My roommate for the time being is Sayuri - a cool girl born in Peru, who has an American passport and is Japanese. Cool, huh?

Anyway, I took the bus to the city and unfortunately found 3 shops with really cheep used books. Well... Bye bye my savings! Have no idea how much time and money I threw out today and I don`t really want to know :P

Some food comments: I love inari zushi and imagawa yaki :D So yummy! Finally learned how to prepare a cool soba meal, I love soba too :D
But why is chives always added to Kyoto food and why is bacon added to neapolitan spaggetti? All in all I think the bread isn`t that bad (which is a huge compliment from a Polishy girl!) but I already miss REAL cheese and butter. And Japanese really are obssesed with freshness of products.

What`s with all the people talking on their mobiles/reading mangas/smoking WHILE RIDING A BIKE?! Seriously, don`t you know it`s dangerous?!

Some time ago I had the chance to participate in tanabata matsuri in a shrine very close to my place and it was quite cool. Crowded and definately very... festive :) Can`t wait for the Gion festival!
The other day I got screwed for 500Y when I was trying to win a kawaii mascot from a machine at Teramachi. Damn, it`s all one big scam, noone ever wins :P

To Be Continued...

Sunflower300 says:
Each page I turn I hope to see some photos. Did you take any?
Posted on: Sep 18, 2008
Akilenka says:
hehe tak sie konczy hazard maskotkowy ;) Mam nadzieje ze jakos przezyjesz te kilka dni na wygnaniu i szybko wrocisz do Olivera. Jak z reszta twojego pobytu?? Ja juz mam kupiony bilet i wylatuje 28 lipca. Zostaje w Osace do 9 sierpnia. Do Kyoto przyjade prawdopodobnie 15 albo 16 sierpnia. Bedziesz tam jeszcze czy planujesz jakis hostel w innym mieĊ›cie na tamten czas? :) Hugs!!
Posted on: Jul 13, 2008
homeres says:
wow, im gonna follow this story...reminds me of my antics in europe this past spring.
Posted on: Jul 09, 2008
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