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It's official. I'm leaving for Japan, about to embark on the best adventure of my life so far, in 5 days and I'm getting paranoid.
It's just that there's still do much stuff to do!

The checklist:
-shopping [X]
-packing [X]
-staying the night at Kasia's place [X]
-closing things at my job [X]
-updating my TravBuddy account [X]
-visiting my bank [X]
-having my hair fixed [X]
-thinking about whether I've thought about everything (but I guess I'll just leave that to my mother)

A list of things I need to do in Japan <will be updated gradaualy>:
-trying real Japanese alcohol :) [X]
-trying okonomiyaki [X]
-learn to prepare vege-takoyaki
-buy a j-pop cd for Asia
-find T-shirts with cool message written on the back
-dance on the table at a karaoke bar :D [X]

I guess that's about it for now.
And I will be totally on my own too. Physically, mentally and financially (the last one being the scary part)...

The itinerary for my summer is more less set, but I'm flexible (and crazy) so hey, everything may happen. What the hell, we only live once :)
Hope I will be able to keep you all informed and updated. Just keep your fingers crossed and wish me luck!

UPDATE (24th June - Wednesday; Bydgoszcz)

Just had my hair fixed and I feel like starting something new. What's better than a travel to another hemisphere. By now probably EVERYONE in my hometown know I'm leaving for Japan, starting with my hairdresser and ending with a teacher from my high school :P
When I've exchanged money today I've felt this whole thing is REALLY happening! Hadn't had that feeling so far, even when buying plane tickets...
I'm leaving for my flight to Frankfurt tomorrow morning and I'm sure it will be a sleepless night, so excited :D

Ja ne!
delpumu says:
Thanks for sharing.Great blog !!!
Posted on: Jan 29, 2009
Pearl510 says:
Great introduction! You make me itch to leave for Japan too :)
Posted on: Jul 29, 2008
cinnamonelf says:
No i jak juz jestes w Japonii?:) napisz co ciekawe spotkalo ciebie w czasie podrozy:) nie zapomnij o sake i paleczkach for me:* i w ogole opisuj wszystko co sie u ciebie dzieje=^^= trzymaj sie cieplo:))
Posted on: Jun 27, 2008
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