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We spent 2 days in Split Croatia, which is right on the coast and a big jumping off spot for people who plan to tour the islands of Croatia.  I have done island hopping before and it wasnt something I found super exciting, so we decided before the trip that we would head inland to Bosnia and Heryegovina instead.  This turned out to be one of the best decisions ever.

Split was nice, but small, we spent one day at a local beach enjoying the crystal blue waters, that we somehow managed to find a little inlet to bz ourselves (another perk of travelling in eastern europe, in western europe it would have been wall to wall people on the beach).

We took a 4 hour bus ride to Mostar in Heryegovina, its a town of about 100,000 people heavilz influenced by the Ottoman empire, the old town was made mostly of small stones, where are ridiculouslz hard to walk on, how some people were doing it in heels is beyond me!  There is a huge old bridge made of marble over a crystal blue, mountain fed river.  The locals have a diving club and will jump off it if paid enough.  A beautiful setting filled with tons of mosques and steeples.  Alos one of the towns that still hasnt fully recovered from the war, you could see manz old buildings with shell marks all over them.  Theyre slowly rebuilding though.

The people of this region are intensely friendlz, it makes us wonder how they tried to destroy each other less than 15 years ago.  Our host yesterdaz not onlz picked us up but dropped us off at the train station when we left at 7am this morning, a fabulous place to stay which cost us all of $60.00 a night. 

Today we spent the day in Sarajevo, we took the 2 hour train ride through verz beautiful mountain passes, very rocky, but it got more and more green the farther in we went, most would be considered huge hills, I think onlz a couple were above the tree line.

Sarajevo has an amazing vibe to it.  I dont think Ive ever felt so safe in a city of this size.  Verz verz hillz, with manz minarets dotting the town, the main square has an orthodox church, mosque, and synagoge all within throwing distance of one another.  A very multicultural town.  Weve been lucky that the area has been so cheap.  Weve been able to afford to eat out most nights, and the local food is delicious.  Veal seems to be the local meat of choice, and although I felt a little guilty, its also the best beef Ive ever eaten.

This city is so rich with history, there so much to see, and its a beautiful place just to walk around.  Copper is very popular here and you can get lots of it for quite cheap, bracelets, coffee sets, its neat just to windowshop.

Were off to find some supper.  We have all daz here tomorrow before heading back to Croatia for 2 nights and then on to Budapest.

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photo by: herman_munster