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I arrived in Taman Negara, worn out like an old shoe.  I followed a dude from the bus to my accomodation, only it wasn't my accomodation.  I just nodded when he asked where I was staying and he mentioned a place; it sounded familiar, so I just went with him.  No, no, my accomodation was 500 meters up the hill, my mistake. 

The accomodation, further on referred to as Park Lodge (its name), was quite pleasant.  Out of the way of everything, quiet, and with extremely friendly owners and staff.  This is not a surprise, its a trend throughout Malaysia.  I dropped my stuff off, and headed toward town, which wasn't really a town.  Basically there was a school, a bunch of guesthouses, and some restaurants disguised as boats disguised as restaurants.

Snail in the sink
  Before eating, I figured I would accomplish something that night and inquired about a Night Safari, which is done by 4x4.  As I inquired to the first gentlemen, he asked what tour I was with.  I said I came alone, and gave me a approving nod whist saying local bus.  All and all, none available until more people signed up.

I saw another counter and at another restaurant, and inquired there as well.  She told me I could squeeze on an 11 person tour, so I gobbled up some Tom Yam and boarded the back of the truck with the others.  The tour was ok.  Nothing incredible, but at least not nothing.  Aside from a jabbering 10-year old girl, the journey was peaceful.  First came a family of wild boar, one of which stood there posing for the hoards of cameras just like a star on the red carpet.  Next was a fairly huge owl, which impressed me.  Several other birds where spotted, while the only other mammal was a cat of some sort.  I say of some sort, because basically the only thing visible was its eyes.  I'm thinking ocelot or something of that nature.

I journeyed from town to my guesthouse with a torch in hand anticipating the wildlife seen the next day, at least hoping.  I fell asleep that night to an orchestra playing the sounds of nature.

eek1007 says:
sounds nice
Posted on: Jun 23, 2008
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Snail in the sink
Snail in the sink
Taman Negara
photo by: alvinmonteiro