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Many people ask me about what I want to do in my life.  As I am sure many of you are also asked.  About a month ago I watched a movie called The Bucket List, which most have probably seen.  It was definitly a "B" movie, but it got my friend Preston (PostCard on TB) and me thinking as to what we would write on our own Bucket List.  The idea anamored us enough to start writing our own.  I set the stipulation that it could only be 50 items or less due to the fact if you get much higher then you have the possibility to over fluff it.  Below is a draft of mine that I am working on.  I post it to maybe inspire others to look at their lives and think about what is important to them.  For most of those who read my stuff, this is a bit of a digression off the norm.  Usually my stuff is funny, crazy stories.  I'll get back to those when I write about my adventures in Mexico.  So with out further ado...

The Bucket List of S


1.      Go Skydiving without instructor aid

2.      See the Pyramids

3.      Go on Safari

4.      See Manchu Picchu

5.      Climb the Seven Summits

6.      Learn to Tango in Buenos Aires

7.      Go to Rio for Carnival

8.      Be in Paris for Bastille Day

9.      Go to Pearl Harbor & Normandy Beach

10.       Learn 3 Languages other then English

11.       Marry the Woman of my Dreams

12.       Have 2-3 children

13.       Save A Life

14.       Make a difference with a family in need

15.       Bury the hatchet with enemies

16.       See the Great Wall of China

17.       Hang ten on a great wave and ride a funnel

18.       See the Penguin migration in Antarctica

19.       See the Aurora Borealis

20.       Take a Great American Road Trip

21.       Get my Masters Degree

22.       Write a Book

23.       Visit Family that are in other countries

24.       Drive the Autobahn in a Porsche

25.       Scuba Dive the Cenotes of the Yucatan

26.       Dive with a Great White Shark

27.       See the Great Barrier Reef

28.       See the Academy Awards Live

29.       Sail on the open sea in the Caribbean

30.       Own my own business

31.       Go to the Sky Bar in Japan for drinks

32.       Backpack Europe

33.       Re-learn Muay-Thai, & Jiu JitSu

34.       Own my own House

35.       Live in another country

36.       Compete in a full Triathlon

37.       Compete in an Adventure Race

38.       Do the Baton Death March

39.       Stand in Red Square in Moscow

40.       Learn an Instrument

41.       See the Cherry Blossom bloom in Japan

42.       Write a Great Song

43.       See the Masters played in Augusta, GA.

44.       Be on Time Square for New Years Eve

45.       See the Easter Island Statues

46.       Go into the Amazon

47.       See the African Gorillas in Africa

48.       Go to the Running of the Bulls in Spain

49.       Learn to fly a Plane

50.       Invent Something


stephen_j_white1 says:
Yes... Of course I want a family some day. And yes, I am also curious where that cheesiness came from. Are you watching a chick flick over there.
Posted on: Jul 07, 2008
kickasstunner says:
You really want to have a family. :) That's good, at least you know married life is for you. :) Nothing beats being happy with someone for the rest of your life. Whoa, where's that cheesiness coming from?!lol!
Posted on: Jul 07, 2008
stephen_j_white1 says:
Number 11 is also my ultimate dream. Probably followed by number 5 and 12.
Posted on: Jul 07, 2008
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