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I started my vacation, from work, on Saturday, June 7th. I say “from work” because this was going to be anything but a vacation. We are painting our house. The outside. The part of the house that defends me against the rain, snow, and high UV Colorado sunshine. The part of the house that needs regular maintenance and a coat of paint every decade or so. Oops. It’s been fifteen year since we last painted and it shows. On the “This Sucks” scale, painting the house is below Root Canal. It is below cleaning up after the toilet overflows.  It is even below IRS audit (unless you have been a reallllly bad boy). It is above Death, but until you reach the point where all the prep work is done, you are not positive of that.  On Saturday, June 7th, all of the prep work was definitely not done.


I had worked on prepping the house all day on the previous two weekends, and for at least 1 ½ hours each day after work for the past two weeks.

After (except for filling in the damn hole in the ground)
And it still wasn’t done. I had hoped that on Saturday I would finish the prep work and we would paint on Sunday. Maybe, we would have to carry over until part of Monday. But, by Monday afternoon I was planning on being done. You wanna know how to make God laugh? Just tell him “I have a plan”. Margo and I spent 10 hours on Saturday and Sunday finishing the prep. That was hot, boring, and tiring. Scrape here, fill there. Caulk that. Fix this. Oh, and go back to sand where you had filled. Then you get to do the masking. Oh, Joy! That special “painters masking tape” that peels off easy when you are done. Well, it peels off easy when the wind blows, too. Margo & I were in the hot tub each of these nights just to be able to do it again the next day.


Then on Monday when I expected to start, we had to spend the whole morning deciding on and getting a different paint color.

Coor Field
We did a test paint with the quart (Smart move. Yea for me) we had purchased. The paint chip said “Antique Burgundy”. Margo and I saw “Burgundy Grapes”. When I was a kid the color that was on the piece of garage door we sprayed said “Purple”. Yeah, I don’t think so. I wasn’t spending all of this time, money, and effort to live in The Purple House. We finally got started Monday afternoon. We got all but two doors and the cupola on top of the house done on Tuesday.


Oh, and did I mention that after we finally got started on Monday, a City vehicle pulled up in front of my house. I was thinking “What, do I need a building permit to paint” I should have been so lucky. The man gets out of his truck, introduces himself and tells me that they have a report of high water usage at this address and need to check for leaks.

White makes you look fat! Or maybe its all that ice cream
It didn’t take long to determine that I had one, and the likely (But, far from certain) culprit was my underground shut off for the sprinkler system. That valve is only 5 ½ feet underground. I’m two inches taller than that, 30 lbs overweight, and the owner of an artificial hip. I would not be digging that hole. $200 later I had the hold dug, and $400 later the valve (Thank God that was the problem) was fixed.


Now why did I just spend four paragraphs telling you all of this? Because the only thing that kept me from throwing everything into the air, pounding a “For Sale” sign into the ground, and drinking the stock price of Adolph Coors up a buck a share, was that I had secured prime seats for the Colorado Rockies game on Wednesday. Now these were not the best seats in the house. But, it would be hard to live on the difference.

View from our seats
Fifth row, behind the 3rd Base dugout. We could heckle the umpire with our raising our voice. We would be in danger of concussions from foul balls. We would be accosted by the ushers to make sure we weren’t riff-raff trying to sneak into the good seats. I was so looking forward to this game.


Game time was at 6:30 PM, and I wanted to be there an hour early to enjoy Coors Field a bit. It is a fun place just to wander around. You can walk completely around from the inside promenade. But, we had too many last minute things to attend to. We ended up getting there about 5:45. Our tickets game with a much coveted parking pass. We parked in the West Lot, which is right across from the field, and saved us $20.

Quite the stance! But he's in the Majors, it must work. Still, I wonder if Coors Field has a stall for his horse. (Giants, Aaron Rowand)
 We went through the turnstile and were pleasantly surprised to find out that today was a giveaway night. We each got a Ryan Speilbourgh shirt, and then headed to the left to the 3rd base side of arena.


We had had a late lunch, so neither of us were hungry yet, so we skipped the concessions and went right to our seats. As expected we were stopped and asked to show our tickets. The guys looked at them, gestured behind him, and said “Right that way, a long way down” Just what you want to hear. The day was definitely improving. We got to our seats, right on the aisle, and admired the view.


The ground crew was working on the infield.

Inside to Rockie,Ian Steward (see the ball?)
I am continually amazed at how many people it takes to get the field in game ready condition. There were at least a dozen men doing some aspect of prep work. Some of which I had no idea what the purpose was for, but we watched the activity and took a few pictures to capture our proximity to the game. When we figured we had that covered we went back up top to get a drink. Just Cokes today. I was driving and I’m not fond of paying $6.50 for a beer. Not that I won’t, but I decided a $4 Coke (or whatever it was) would be fine.


It wasn’t long before it was time for the National Anthem and the first pitch. The Rockies were playing the Giants. The Rockies had started the season dismally, but had just put together a recent streak of wins. Of course we figured that we would provide the luck needed to continue the streak.

Inside and high to Rockie, Todd Helton (see the ball?)
But, that was still nine innings and about three hours away. So we sat back to enjoy the game.


We did enjoy the game, even with the teenagers sitting across the aisle from us. There was one kid, obviously knowledgeable of the game based on his comments, who thought the height of baseball enjoyment was to heckle almost every home player that came up. That could be forgiven, to a degree, if he had been a Giants fan, but he was wearing a Cubs cap. Figures. My limited experience with Cubs fans is that they have developed the habit of tearing down the opponents, verbally, as they have had such dismal teams to heap praise upon. If your team can’t climb the mountain, trying bring the opponent down. This lasted most of the game. One home town fan finally told him to give it a rest. And wouldn’t you know it, at the end of the inning the verbal abuse he had heaped upon the hometown heroes was rewarded with Giants catcher (Benji Molina) throwing him the ball.

Dinger, the Rockies mascot


I had my own opportunity with a foul ball, but it went off my fingertips and I couldn’t get my hand wrapped around it. I had planned to bring my glove, which would have insured success, but I couldn’t remember where I had put it. Grrrrrr. But, not matter, I had gotten a ball the last trip to Coors Field, and one can’t be stingy. I didn’t see who ended up with it, but I hope a kid got it. There were plenty around, but the adults both outnumbered and out muscled them.


The game itself went quickly, and in a historic manner. The Rockies have been in existence since 1993. Coors Field became their home in 1995.

The Rockpile. Seats for this upper deck section don't go on sale until a few hours before gametime
In all of the games played in Denver during that time, there had never been a game that went scoreless into the 9th inning. That continued into the bottom of the ninth inning, when the Rockies prevailed with a 1-0 victory. I told you we would be good luck!


It had been a great diversion and was definitely what I needed to get my mind back to the state that I call normal, but causes eye rolls in my wife. The best part was that I was still on vacation, the house was almost completely done, and I had talked myself into spending a couple of days in the mountains as a reward!

bkretzer says:
I'm very happy you have dond memories of the games. Dinger was indeed hatched, but I'm not positive we were at that particular game. I know it was on the TV highlights. And the Pink Panther theme was played before Andres Galaragga would come to bat. His nickname was "The Big Cat", hence the Pink Panther theme. I always got a kick out of that one, too!
Posted on: Dec 26, 2009
jessimae says:
I remember you taking me and Jolene to games when the Rockies first came about. Jolene says we saw Dinger being born, or hatched, whatever he did I don't remember that part. I do remember how happy you seemed that your little girls had even the stightest interest in baseball. I also remember taking several trips to the dollar store so you could buy baseball cards for us. They weren't as interesting as the games though. I always got a kick out of when they Pink Panther song. I don't know if it was the baseball or the hanging out with dad that we loved, but either way it was a good time.
Posted on: Dec 26, 2009
missandrea81 says:
I love your "This sucks" scale and completely agree with you on it! lol
Posted on: Aug 14, 2008
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After (except for filling in the d…
After (except for filling in the …
Coor Field
Coor Field
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Dinger, the Rockies mascot
Dinger, the Rockies mascot
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